Bulletin Archive - August 2003


31/8/2003 DAP offers help to recruit more Chinese youths to join police force
31/8/2003 Musa - withdraw "SEJARAH - Tingkat 4" as Form IV textbook
31/8/2003 Will next year be first National Day towards an Islamic State?
30/8/2003 Independence of nation achieved through the sacrifices of major races
30/8/2003 One wish on 46th National Day - on future celebrations
30/8/2003 Student gangsterism and "black gold politics" - what is the connection?
30/8/2003 Keng Yaik - how did Vision 2020 become Islamic State Vision 2020?
29/8/2003 Form 4 history - 50% on Islamic history and 10% on modern world history
29/8/2003 DAP tells Abu Ya :  Donít try to twist and incite religious sentiment!
29/8/2003 Defend Secular Malaysia - state secular but society/people religious
28/8/2003 Kadir has not apologised for his attack on patriotism of Malaysian Chinese
28/8/2003 Revive jury trial/reform award of honours, including JPs
27/8/2003 Indonesia with more than 200 million Muslims is a secular republic
27/8/2003 Similarity in Gerakan's support for 2:4:3 formula and "929 Declaration"
26/8/2003 Second midnight raid on student council office and women hostel: UMNO elements involved?
26/8/2003 Rashid's moral indignation against political frogs - genuine or selective?
26/8/2003 DAP supports putting Hambali on trial - Malaysia should uphold same principle
26/8/2003 Support "929 Declaration" - Gerakan fails as "Conscience of BN"
25/8/2003 Gerakan should apologise for shameful/unpatriotic stand on corruption
25/8/2003 2-4-3 formula/UPSR - Keng Yaik will not be around in 2008 to "cross the bridge"
25/8/2003 Hosting 10th OIC Summit does not make Malaysia an Islamic State
24/8/2003 Malaysian Government should select strictly on merits the nationís first astronauts, to be sent to space by a Russian rocket in 2006
24/8/2003 Alvin Toffler and Mahathir: MSC and Islamic State
24/8/2003 "Yes to Islam as official religion, No to Islamic State"
24/8/2003 DAPSY Johor calls for opposition unity and constitutional refroms
23/8/2003 Dispute between Technointan Holding Sdn Bhd and foreign employees: Human Resource Minister Dato Fong Chan Onn must immediately intervene
23/8/2003 Midnight raid on UPM students' rooms
23/8/2003 DAP launches 46th National Day Celebrations' "Defend Secular Malaysia" campaign
22/8/2003 RM1.1 billion "crooked" half-bridge - Why Mahathir in such indecent haste?
22/8/2003 DAP welcomes Cabinet decision to scrap Malaysiaku
22/8/2003 Third-generation al-Qaeda terrorists
21/8/2003 Merdeka month celebration - take down controversial buntings
21/8/2003 Why KMM/JI members not put on trial for crimes in Malaysia?
21/8/2003 EC's second meetings with political parties - another wash-out
21/8/2003 PAS' two contradictory manifestos on Islamic State
20/8/2003 National register of recreational areas
20/8/2003 Malaysian connection to al Qaeda/JI - Malaysian travellers facing harassment
20/8/2003 National Social Policy - right hand does not know what left hand is doing
19/8/2003 Treat Acehnese with respect and grant them asylum on humanitarian grounds
19/8/2003 DAP's 5-point 'No Islamic State" formula - PAS accepts 2 but Gerakan rejects all
19/8/2003 Civics course for Kadir, Nazri, Ali Rustam - flag-flying is not patriotism
19/8/2003 Ominous sign of general rollback of human rights under Abdullah as PM?
18/8/2003 Merdeka month celebration: Contributions of all races towards achieving Independence must be highlighted
18/8/2003 National Day warning to Kadir - don't level accusations of unpatriotism
18/8/2003 All party/NGOs RM500 million national service integrity management committee
17/8/2003 White Paper on Terrorism in Parliament
17/8/2003 Why DAP left BA - 5-point "No Islamic State" formula
17/8/2003 Next GE - next March?
17/8/2003 "New-fangled" national anthem - all MPs shld declare stand
17/8/2003 RM500 mil national service - be model of integrity, accountability, transparency
16/8/2003 Hambali's arrest and Malaysian police's role - who is right, Abdullah or IGP?
16/8/2003 Murad proposals to highest-powered Mahathir education review - make public
16/8/2003 Enforcement officers shld stamp out crime, not disturbing harmless couples
15/8/2003 Democratic and Secular Malaysia Forever
15/8/2003 Hambali's arrest - thanks to Malaysia's intelligence?
15/8/2003 Police must protect not only MPPJ enforcement, but also ordinary people
15/8/2003 End bogus meritocracy for admissions to public universities
15/8/2003 "Crooked" half-bridge - Mahathir should leave decision to Abdullah
14/8/2003 Roundtable Conference - world's five least corrupt nation in 10 years
14/8/2003 Restore original Negaraku from 46th Naional Day
14/8/2003 Kamus Dewan - remove distasteful and offensive examples
13/8/2003 Khir Toyo's "zero opposition" target reflects sheer arrogance and political shallowness
13/8/2003 Seat negotiation suspension: Parti Keadilan Nasional must address DAPsí concerns
13/8/2003 Keadilan tried to divert from the real issue by attacking DAP as practicing racial politics
13/8/2003 Integrity Management Committee - a total farce and flop
13/8/2003 Death of woman trainee pilot and army recruit within 60 hrs - something wrong?
13/8/2003 Penang leads - with world-class police service to stamp out rising crime wave
12/8/2003 Would legal action against MMC affect SMART project
12/8/2003 Ban on liquor and social dances - PAS Terengganu government must operate within framework of Federal Constitution
12/8/2003 No more good speeches but real teeth/action in war against corruption
12/8/2003 Mahathir's opposition to Tunku's Negaraku predated Merdeka in 1957?
12/8/2003 Economic growth - Did Ka Ting inadvertently "let the cat out of the bag"?
11/8/2003 New national anthem - DAP reserves right to recognise Tunku's Negaraku
11/8/2003 Merdeka Celebration: Malaysians should reaffirm Tunkuís greatest contribution to the nation
11/8/2003 Ban on liquor and social dances in Terengganu: Retrogressive policy by PAS and incompatible with modernity
11/8/2003 New MCA leadership - new political irrelevance/marginalization
11/8/2003 "Crooked" half-bridge - Failure of Malaysia, Singapore, ASEAN statesmanship
10/8/2003 Haniff's timely warning to police on who are the "masters"
10/8/2003 Crooked half-bridge - Mahathir/Goh should remember their mutual vows 5 years ago
9/8/2003 Police should carry out investigations into the MPPJ billboards scandal
9/8/2003 Ministers, UMNO leaders, Malay contractors should hold their heads in shame!
9/8/2003 "Crooked" half-bridge - suspend work and hold Malaysia-Singapore talks
8/8/2003 Womenís ability and pregnancy: Hadi needs to change his views with time
8/8/2003 DBP shld explain the inclusion of "keling" and the offensive example cited in Kamus Dewan
8/8/2003 New traffic offence notifications: Unfair to make the motorists victims of the mistake of over correction on the part of the Police
8/8/2003 Abdullah's "people power" speech ignored by all official media
8/8/2003 Suspend Myanmar if ASSK not freed by ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting Sept. 1
8/8/2003 RM90 million for next election - EC should stop wasting time on trivia
7/8/2003 Hadi on women - double breach of BA Manifesto and Malaysian Constitution
7/8/2003 MPPJ billboards scandal - Roles of Khir Toyo and Ka Ting
7/8/2003 Restore Tunku's National Anthem - government admits 1992 change a mistake
7/8/2003 Seats negotiation with Keadilan: Call on Keadilan leaders to show sincerity and professionalism
7/8/2003 New traffic offence notifications: unnecessary and impractical
7/8/2003 Tajol Rosli should apologize to the people of Perak for doing nothing about the high crime rate in the state
6/8/2003 Suspension of seat negotiation: Decision and reasons conveyed to PKN
6/8/2003 Computer lab fiasco - latest "heinous crime without criminals"?
6/8/2003 Zulkipli the first ACA DG in 36 yrs to face RM10 cut motion in Parliament?
5/8/2003 Why should one surrender his or her land when what he or she needs was just to renew /extend the lease?
5/8/2003 Bogus FSFM - Abdullah should set example and declare any involvement
5/8/2003 Two conflicting ACA versions on Liong Sik/Hee Leong - Cabinet should step in
5/8/2003 Special Commission on "Federal Special Forces of Malaysia
5/8/2003 Will Malaysia have two national anthems - Tunku's and Mahathir's?
4/8/2003 Unresolved: Two conflicting versions of status of ACA probe on Liong Sik
4/8/2003 Memo to ACA - "Malaysia among world's five least corrupt nations by 2013" 10-Year Plan
4/8/2003 Malaysian student plagiarism scandal - Cabinet must investigate
3/8/2003 FSFM scam - all Cabinet Ministers should own up publicly
2/8/2003 Islamic State (PAS/Mahathir's 929 declaration) - violates two Rukunegara principles
2/8/2003 RM1 billion "crooked half-bridge" to Singapore - a crazy plan?
2/8/2003 Challenge to Mahathir - Public opinion poll on ACA in his 22 years as PM
2/8/2003 Water War :Time to go back to negotiation table
1/8/2003 Penang DAP ask State Police Chief to break silence over senseless attack on first day of Chinese New Year in Penang
1/8/2003 Public inquiry into logging scandals - whether Pahang UMNO or PAS
1/8/2003 Who is the Minister involved in the bogus FSFM activities?
1/8/2003 School computer lab fiasco:  Education Minister Tan Sri Musa Mohamad should explain the Melaka scandal
1/8/2003 Consider at once whether Dep. Home Minister breached privilege
1/8/2003 Say no to Black gold politics - the symbiotic relationship between politicians and criminals