Bulletin Archive - December 2003


31/12/2003 Eight more Royal Commissions - education, economy, healthcare, judiciary, etc
31/12/2003 RM200 million tuition vouchers - failure of quality education system
31/12/2003 Wishing all Malaysians a year of peace, progress and prosperity
30/12/2003 Police Royal Commission report & the PM
30/12/2003 Kisah Benar Seorang Menteri Besar
30/12/2003 Why 82,000 police personnel to issue summons but not to fight crime?
29/12/2003 2003 Christmas Open House - did not celebrate the true spirit of Christmas
29/12/2003 Royal Commission on Police -must be wide-ranging, credible and timely
29/12/2003 Public Safety Index in Malaysia getting from bad to worse since 1990
26/12/2003 No Ops Sikap for Xmas/New Year - road safety campaign going backwards
26/12/2003 Meaningful dialogues between all religions
24/12/2003 Merry Christmas!
24/12/2003 Last Christmas under 46-year Merdeka "social contract"?
24/12/2003 Abdullah heading Cabinet Committee on Road Safety - wrong signal
24/12/2003 SMS to check voters’ status should not become a profit making business
23/12/2003 Will EPF dividend this year be higher than past two years?
22/12/2003 Pak Lah should reaffirm original "Merdeka social contract"
22/12/2003 Mahathir - Give Pak Lah time to fight corruption
20/12/2003 Abdullah's two disturbing responses to US report about religious freedom in Malaysia
20/12/2003 Two burning issues in JB for Abdullah to address tomorrow
20/12/2003 First 50 Days - Abdullah prevented from hearing the "truth" from the people
19/12/2003 RM1.1 billion "crooked half-bridge" should be suspended after postponement of double tracking rail
18/12/2003 66,000 Maika shareholders - attend AGM in full force to sack Board of Directors and demand justice
17/12/2003 Special Parliament meeting to make next election the most "clean, free and fair" in history
17/12/2003 Putrajaya should house churches and temples in keeping with multi-religious Malaysia
17/12/2003 CJ's extraordinary proposal to fuse adversarial, inquisitorial and syariah systems into one national law
17/12/2003 Complaints will be made to ROC if MCA leaders fail to explain their roles in Aik Hua Holdings and other MCA-sponsored investment companies
17/12/2003 Ipoh City Council (MBI) to spend a further RM6,789,180-00 to purchase another 200 parking meters at about RM34,000-00 each ?
16/12/2003 Ipoh parking meters - Major lies!
16/12/2003 NS - announce grounds for deferment
16/12/2003 Straighten "crooked half bridge" - Ghani Othman should declare stand
16/12/2003 KLSE should defer the listing of Sunway Infrastructure Bhd for publishing false news and misinformation
15/12/2003 De-legitimization of 1957 "Social Contract" - challenge of civil society
15/12/2003 Cabinet revamp of EPF to end mismanagement and bad governance
15/12/2003 Suspend "crooked half-bridge" - human folly of engineering feat
14/12/2003 Limit on EPF withdrawal at 55 - unlawful and DAP will challenge in court
14/12/2003 Three issue s for first meeting of National Service Training Council tomorrow
13/12/2003 Nazri should go on Cabinet leave until cleared by ACA
13/12/2003 Razaleigh's "nation at cross-road" warning - will "social contract" be consigned to history?
13/12/2003 What is Liong Sik's role in the RM40 billion bid by China and India for double tracking rail
13/12/2003 DAPSY urges Najib to solve problems faced by students affected by NS
12/12/2003 Cabinet should defer and rethink about the problematic National Service
12/12/2003 Ensure that Gamuda and Malaysian Mining Corporation (MMC) complete their projects
12/12/2003 Triumph of anti-corruption or new development policy against mega-projects?
12/12/2003 National Service - Cabinet should review/slash red tape and bureaucracy infecting programme
11/12/2003 National Service - students & parents left with a sense of helplessness
11/12/2003 National Service - spawning an empire of red tape against Abdullah's call to slash bureaucracy
11/12/2003 Cabinet should postpone or stop the Bakun Dam, Broga Incinerator etc
11/12/2003 Indefinite postponement of double tracking rail project - Abdullah should cancel "crooked half bridge" in Johore
10/12/2003 Keng Yaik defends Dr M's Islamic State declaration - A Response
10/12/2003 Tokyo Declaration - ASEAN-Japan roadmap for return of Burma to democracy
10/12/2003 National Service hotline, SMS, website services - accountability/transparency needed
10/12/2003 Cabinet Committee with Opposition/Civil Society to implement UN Convention Against Corruption
10/12/2003 National Service for S.Australian matriculation students - exempt or reschedule
10/12/2003 6,000 taxi permits - AG's statement further undermined ACA credibility and independence
9/12/2003 New Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi needs to do differently on human rights
9/12/2003 Urgent email to Cabinet Ministers - Empower and not disembowel ACA
9/12/2003 Cabinet should honour Human Rights Day tomorrow with a roadmap to improve human rights
8/12/2003 Alor Gajah Municipal Council Junket Trips 2
8/12/2003 Row between Nazri Aziz and Nordin Ismail - need for making ACA answerable only to Parliament
8/12/2003 Ministerial row with ACA - four illustrations why ACA must be completely independent from Executive
8/12/2003 Keng Yaik's defence of "929" Islamic State - full of holes which cannot withstand public debate
7/12/2003 Conflicting signals on all-out war against corruption - DAP memo to Abdullah tomorrow
7/12/2003 Road carnage crisis - Kong Choy should not play with statistics to downplay gravity
7/12/2003 Government should drawn up rules to fix time limit for issuance of Strata Titles
6/12/2003 The Perak Water Authority must ensure that water supplied by its authority is hygienic for consumers to consume
6/12/2003 Road carnage - Transport Minister to resign if 3-year National Road Safety Plan fails
5/12/2003 Remove Shamsuddin as Chief Secretary for undermining Abdullah's anti-corruption campaign
5/12/2003 PJ for DAP
5/12/2003 Imagine a Selangor without DAP
5/12/2003 MBI should act fast and avoid its lackadaisical attitude towards complaints lodged by ratepayers
5/12/2003 Malaysia at Abuja CHOGM - call for removal of Mugabe
5/12/2003 No statistics on Ops Sikap V injuries - no govt seriousness to end road carnage
5/12/2003 PAS ISD - Hadi should not devalue political discourse and trivialise objections
4/12/2003 Independent ACA & PM's Academy
4/12/2003 "Thunder big, raindrops small" - Cabinet meeting on road carnage great letdown
4/12/2003 Malaysia Boleh - first National Commission on UN Convention Against Corruption
3/12/2003 Challenge Dato’ Hon Choon Kim to a Public Debate – “Does Negeri Sembilan need Opposition?”
3/12/2003 Malaysia should not side with Mugabe at the Abuja CHOGM
3/12/2003 Abdullah - make next election the most "clean, free and fair" in nation's history
3/12/2003 Formulate a National Road Safety Plan
3/12/2003 Root causes of road carnage - lack of political will and Ministerial accountability
2/12/2003 Road carnage - sack sleeping Cabinet Committee on Road Safety
1/12/2003 Window of Opportunity to defend secular Malaysia closing very fast - only a few months left
1/12/2003 DAP Perak fully support the CEC decision requiring DAP Terengganu members to quit PAS appointed political posts
1/12/2003 Defend A free, democratic and secular Malaysia
1/12/2003 Pas’s Islamic State document is conservatism cloaked in modernity
1/12/2003 No further Islamisation - Who is telling the truth, Keng Yaik or JAKIM?