Bulletin Archive - March 2003


31/3/2003 MPPJ to conduct opinion poll among Taman Mayang residents before building a community hall: A right move in line of Local Agenda 21
31/3/2003 SARS - create confidence of govt handling by ending blackout on dengue epidemic
31/3/2003 Stop the double standard practised by the police and the double-talk demonstrated by the BN government leaders
31/3/2003 Police arrests and tear gas scuttle rare anti-war all-party national unity and consensus
31/3/2003 LKY/Gerakan should apologise for slippery political opportunism that Malaysia is an Islamic state
31/3/2003 Malaysia's economic stimulus package caught flat-footed by US-Iraq war?
31/3/2003 Pos Malaysia and the Election Commission should both ensure the smooth functioning of the current voter registration exercise
30/3/2003 Iraq war impact on economy - more damaging than worse-case scenarios
30/3/2003 Hamid Albar holding up fifth Suhakam report on ISA detention conditions
29/3/2003 "Reverse Brain Drain" - National Service waiver for Malaysian specialists out of country for 15 years
28/3/2003 Iraq War - Suhakam's vigorous and robust interpretation of its human rights ambit
28/3/2003 Dengue epidemic - "Third World" Minister with "Third World" Parliament?
28/3/2003 SARS - medical practitioners worried about Malaysia's preparedness in an outbreak
27/3/2003 SARS - DAP has no confidence in Chua and calls for Cabinet Committee
27/3/2003 MCA "Black Gold" - surrender investigation 100% to Police
27/3/2003 Allocate sufficient resources and enough personals to control crime
26/3/2003 Dengue epidemic - Chua has no courage of conviction
26/3/2003 Palm Court infamy - Police needs human rights unit
26/3/2003 Clarify Conflicting And Misleading Ministerial Explanation In Parliament Regarding The Police Abuse Of Indian IT Professionals
26/3/2003 National Service: Stop giving confusing statements and embark on a national consultation process to produce the best formula
26/3/2003 Dialogue between PJ Police and Residents: A 7-point suggestion on crime-busting
26/3/2003 Broga incinerator: stop it today if Malaysians do not want to feel sorry tomorrow
25/3/2003 Proposal to impose different speed limits based on engine capacity will complicate enforcement
25/3/2003 Mahathir support war crimes against American POWs?
25/3/2003 Malaysia not ready for FOI - Abdullah should declare stand
24/3/2003 Iraq War and NAM/UN crisis - Mahathir should cut short his two-month leave
23/3/2003 Investigation on Chang Min Thien Foundation
23/3/2003 GDP lowered to 4% from 6.5% - time for economic stimulus package to Parliament
23/3/2003 Chua Jui Meng - leave Aids experiments alone and be a First World Minister
23/3/2003 Lift blanket ban on peaceful demos against US war on Iraq - as NAM Chairman, Malaysia should be in world's forefront
22/3/2003 First complaint to Patient Safety Council - against Health Minister himself?
22/3/2003 Special parliamentary motion on Iraq war - consult BA and DAP
22/3/2003 Palm Court Incident - Ministers/Deputy Ministers should get their act together and not make a fool of themselves and the country
21/3/2003 Call to Malaysians to prepare for next general election to reject "929 Declaration"
21/3/2003 DAPSY condemns unequivocally the unilateral US military attack on Iraq
21/3/2003 Call on the government to impose a guideline that requires all public office bearers to declare their PR status in foreign countries before taking public office
21/3/2003 SARS alert - Chua Jui Meng should stay off completely for the sake of public confidence
21/3/2003 All-Party Roundtable Conference on Iraq War - international, political and economic fall-outs
21/3/2003 Ng Yen Yen's PR - was she disloyal and should she resign as Deputy Minister?
20/3/2003 Iraq War - US against UN, international law and world opinion
20/3/2003 War on Iraq does not fulfill the criteria of a just war
20/3/2003 India should rescind pull-out of Azlan Shah hockey tournament
19/3/2003 Ahmad Nor – a far-sighted and visionary leader
19/3/2003 The ISO 9000 Problem
19/3/2003 Lowest EPF dividend announcement - Waiting for Iraq war?
19/3/2003 Chua Jui Meng - most irresponsible Health Minister in Malaysian history
19/3/2003 Ahmad Fairuz's first test as Chief Justice
18/3/2003 DAP calls on the government to review incineration measures for waste management
18/3/2003 Legislative changes to require ACA to reveal progress of Ling Liong Sik investigations
18/3/2003 Distorting Conference of Rulers' SAR stand - three UMNO VPs, Ministers and mainstream media should apologise
18/3/2003 Palm Court Incident - DAP proposes Cabinet committee headed by Samy Vellu to repair Malaysia-India relations
17/3/2003 Federal Court - Free Anwar to start new era
17/3/2003 Royal Address - booed in Parliament for first time
17/3/2003 "Black Gold" politics - test-case for Abdullah's "Mr. Clean" image
17/3/2003 Stock market lower after Valuecap's RM1-2 billion - money down the drain?
16/3/2003 Palm Court incident - police misconduct costs multi-million ringgit economic losses
16/3/2003 Death threat: DAP declares total support for Sdr Chow Kon Yeow
16/3/2003 "Black-gold" politics - condoned or covered up by Abdullah?
16/3/2003 How did Chua Jui Meng miss the WHO global dengue alert last July?
15/3/2003 67 police in Palm Court raid - immediate suspension until outcome of IGP investigation
15/3/2003 Ministers defy two directives of Acting Prime Minister
15/3/2003 Death threat: DAP declares total support for Sdr Chow Kon Yeow
14/3/2003 Public feedback for national service proposal before submitting for Cabinet approval
14/3/2003 Dzaiddin stopped the rot, but will Ahmad Fairuz continue the uncompleted task to restore public confidence in judiciary?
14/3/2003 Delineation report: do not table report to parliamentary until issues raised are settled
14/3/2003 Challenge to Chua - more people are continuing to die of dengue
14/3/2003 Palm Court Incident - DAP's 8-pt formula to end double diplomatic and IT crisis
14/3/2003 Chua Jui Meng's "gag" mentality - sweeping "black gold" politics under carpet
13/3/2003 Improper import of "929 Declaration" of Islamic State into Royal Address
13/3/2003 Palm Court scandal and MSC as "gift to the world"
13/3/2003 Anwar Ibrahim should be released on 14 April 2003 to start a national healing process
12/3/2003 Further RM3 increase in Telekom phone rental unjustified and imposes unnecessary burden on consumers
12/3/2003 Dengue - Challenge Chua to "face-to-face" or LKS will go to Parliament to brief MPs on mishandling of worst epidemic
12/3/2003 Ong Tee Kiat - first victim of "black gold" politics?
12/3/2003 Ipoh receiving the least allocation in 2002 from Finance Ministry’s special allocation to stimulate the economy
12/3/2003 Indian IT professionals incident - stop "adding insult to injury" and repair Malaysia-India relations
11/3/2003 3 passes STPM students should be guaranteed university places
11/3/2003 Total K-economy re-orientation of police, immigration and civil service
11/3/2003 Fourth Chinese primary school commitment for Cabinet tomorrow
11/3/2003 Halim's response to Abdullah on EPF probe - does not inspire confidence of 10.5 million EPF contributors
11/3/2003 Ong Tee Kiat's refusal to name names on MCA "black gold" politics understandable
10/3/2003 Roughing up 270 Indians including IT professionals - setback for K-economy
10/3/2003 Get three Cabinet commitments on Chinese primary schools
10/3/2003 MCA's "black gold politics" - nip in the bud!
9/3/2003 Parliament website - classic "First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality"
9/3/2003 Parliament - be first in world to reject March 17 ultimatum for Iraq war
9/3/2003 Internationally-recognised universities of merit - any masterplan?
8/3/2003 US must not act in defiance of world opinion

Protect social development of women in all spheres of life in nation building

8/3/2003 DAP committed to ensure equal status and dignity for women in society
8/3/2003 Chua Jui Meng should talk about ethics of Health Minister first!
8/3/2003 BN MPs' absenteeism and "no quorum" disease - Instant cure
7/3/2003 Tunku Centennial - Establish annual Tunku Prize comparable to Nobel Prize awards
7/3/2003 Delineation exercise for Kota Melaka parliamentary constituency
7/3/2003 The struggle for gender equality is far from over
7/3/2003 "Money politics is creeping into the party" - MCA becoming irrelevent
7/3/2003 Ugly Malaysian and "Third World mentality" - DAP offers full co-operation to Abdullah
7/3/2003 Suhakam ISA report - will Parliament fail its human rights duties fifth time in 2 years?
6/3/2003 Tunku Aziz and Abdullah Ahmad to join Tunku Centennial Remembrance Night
6/3/2003 DAP Selangor reshuffle - DAP Central Executive Committee's Decisions
6/3/2003 Parliament debates next week - Iraq War, Dengue Epidemic and NAM must take priority
6/3/2003 Meaningful celebration of four important dates in next two months
6/3/2003 Acting PM's first task to mediate clashing furniture fairs - LKY's biggest disservice
5/3/2003 Perak MCA - don't make promises you can't keep!
5/3/2003 New EPF policy of accountability/transparency - Halim Ali should speak up
5/3/2003 Full scholarlship and first choice of course to 624 STPM top scorers
5/3/2003 Insensitive/offensive statements/acts by teachers/youth leaders/govt. agencies
5/3/2003 Tajol Rosli's Perak anti-dengue campaign - 8 months and 16 lives too late
4/3/2003 Chua Jui Meng - How can you sleep at night with one dengue death after another?
4/3/2003 EPF dividend 2002 - lowest in 40 years: 5-pt Cabinet decision
4/3/2003 Hafiz and other national sports talents should be offered sports scholarship
3/3/2003 EC Chairman’s challenge: Kerk Kim Hock to counter challenge all 7 members of the Election Commission
3/3/2003 Cabinet - set up independent panel to produce fairest formula for university admissions this year
3/3/2003 Rafidah should cancel all her investment missions overseas to save public funds
2/3/2003 Ways to accelerate economic development in Perak
2/3/2003 Ipoh after 8 years of BN/MCA rule
2/3/2003 Malaysia Boleh - No dogs allowed without approval of Muslim neighbours
2/3/2003 Living Donors Organ Transplantation Policy Review Committee
2/3/2003 Latest dengue death in Klang on Feb. 28 - Khir Toyo should learn from Tajol Rosli
1/3/2003 Fair criteria for National HigherEducation Corporation
1/3/2003 "The Malays are the masters of this land" - Azimi must racist retract statement
1/3/2003 Grade STPM to correspond with matriculation - again comparing apple with orange?
1/3/2003 Does Khir Toyo know about latest dengue deaths in Selangor in February?