Bulletin Archive - September 2004

30/9/2004 Reveal Petronas Profits In The Interests Of Accountability And Transparency
30/9/2004 UMNO's worst money politics - acid test of Pak Lah's anti-corruption campaign
29/9/2004 ACA should investigate money politics in UMNO
29/9/2004 Announce the Halcrow report on the Kepong flyover
28/9/2004 Speaker refuses to allow debate on urgent motion on the impending picket by the MTUC
28/9/2004 Will qualified non-bumi students be sacrificed by Shafie for his defeat in UMNO?
27/9/2004 "May 13" threat - DAP will not  be distracted by racist UMNO politicians
27/9/2004 Pirdaus divisive remarks threat to a united and progressive Malaysia
27/9/2004 To Remain Credible, Pak Lah Must Eliminate Racism In UMNO
26/9/2004 Review the proposal to extend concession for PLUS and project to expand North-South Highway
25/9/2004 UMNO - don't create new "seditious" issues
24/9/2004 UMNO elections - can Pak Lah now "walk the talk" against corruption?
24/9/2004 New UMNO line-up challenges PM's anti-corruption drive
23/9/2004 Dialog di antara pengikut agama yang berlainan memang amat diperlukan dalam satu masyarakat majmuk
22/9/2004 Najib's rhetoric for meritocratic culture
21/9/2004 GST - Impose Hardship On The Poor
21/9/2004 Colossal failures of "brain gain" policy
21/9/2004 What's wrong with the government's privatisation policy?
21/9/2004 DAP reiterates stand:  Grant tax exemption to non-profit making Chinese cemetery management committees
20/9/2004 Perdana Menteri meningkatkan usaha untuk menangani ketidaksaksamaan gender
20/9/2004 Membasmikan gangguan seksual di dalam dan diluar Dewan Rakyat
18/9/2004 Toleransi adalah terpenting sekali
18/9/2004 Malaysia after Anwar's release - members' views invited
18/9/2004 Why Tenaga Nasional Bhd's Estimated 2004 Return Of Investment To The Government Has Dropped 90%?
17/9/2004 No to Incinerator for Broga/ Beranang/ Semenyih/ Kajang and the rest of Malaysia
17/9/2004 Culture of transparency and accountability in NS State Legislative Assembly
17/9/2004 National unity a top priority in nation-building
16/9/2004 Menggesa kerajaan menangguhkan mahkamah ke atas pertubuhan Cina yang menguruskan tanah perkuburan dan mengecualikan bayaran cukai pendapatan
15/9/2004 Increase In Fuel Prices - Petronas should Pay Out RM 10.7 Billion In Fuel Subsidies
15/9/2004 Federal Court rejects Anwar corruption review - implications
15/9/2004 Will the "feel good factor" lasts forever?
15/9/2004 RM1Billion special fund need to be set up to help the marginalised Indians communit
12-13/9/2004 Budget 2005: Speech by Parliamentary Opposition Leader
In Full
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13/9/2004 Reminder Bolivia became more corrupt after launch of National Integrity Plan
13/9/2004 Are Proton and an automobile-dependence culture sustainable?
12/9/2004 Parliament Select Committee in Tax Reform and GST
12/9/2004 World Bank Higher cost of doing business in Malaysia than Thailand
10/9/2004 DAP condemns latest terrorist bombing in Jakarta
10/9/2004 Government should 'walk the talk' on national integration
10/9/2004 Civil society - demand Parliament review/rescind suspension of Karpal
9/9/2004 The latest bomb blast in Jakarta indicates that the world today is not safer than the world before 911
9/9/2004 DAP sets up Support Sympathy & Solidarity Committee For Karpal Singh
8/9/2004 Save the coral reefs of Pulau Timon
8/9/2004 Karpal's suspension most unconstitutional and undemocratic act in the recent history of Malaysian parliamentary democracy
4/9/2004 LKS declines two top DAP posts
4/9/2004 Anwar's acquittal - multiple "win-win" and no zero sum game
3/9/2004 Karpal's 6-month suspension - punishment for role in freeing Anwar Ibrahim?
2/9/2004 Privileges Committee report on Karpal - Zahir will also be in the dock
2/9/2004 Anwar's acquittal - watershed for system of justice