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Bulletin Archive - May 2010

31/05/2010 DAP mengecam sekeras-kerasnya serangan ke atas misi kemanusiaan Gaza oleh Kerajaan Israel
31/05/2010 Global intervention required to stop Israeli massacre
31/05/2010 DAP vehemently condemns the cold blooded attack on a peaceful and humanitarian mission to Gaza by the Israeli Government
31/05/2010 Our industries will continue to suffer from labour shortage until the Government quits flip-flopping and give MIDA the mandate to lead in formulating Malaysia's labour policy
31/05/2010 Judi rosakkan negara, DAP Perak mencabar Zamry nyatakan pendirian lesen judi bola
31/05/2010 BN's Shock Therapy: Socialism for the rich and free market misery for the poor
31/05/2010 Malaysians are now at the crossroads ¨C an advanced high-income country in 2020 or a bankrupt nation in 2019
31/05/2010 Call for convening of all-party conference to condemn the Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla, killing at least 15, on a humanitarian aid-and-medicine mission to Gaza
30/05/2010 Is Najib backing off from support for NEM to become an even bigger Flip-Flop PM than Abdullah?
28/05/2010 Penang State Government directs the two local councils MPPP & MPSP to exercise Section 101(v) of the Local Government Act to bar sports betting in Penang given by BN to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd
28/05/2010 Najib's qualification instead of endorsement of Idris Jala's warning that Malaysia could become next Greece and go bankrupt unless it saves RM103 billion in next five years to reduce the nation's huge debt proof of lack of political will to address subsidy syndrome
27/05/2010 "Rock the Vote" Voter Registration Campaign at 1Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
27/05/2010 Wesak Day Message by DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng
27/05/2010 Proposal for a Parliamentary Caucus on Crime and Security to help Hishammuddin and Police to restore to Malaysians their fundamental rights - safe neighbourhoods, safe streets, safe homes and safe schools
26/05/2010 Musa Hitam should make public the full report of Sime Darby task force on the cost overruns of its energies and utilities division tomorrow and should not withhold any information from the Malaysian public
26/05/2010 Despite feverish attempts to refurbish the image of MACC on many fronts in recent days, it has not been able to improve one jot of public confidence as it has not been able to demonstrate that it is really independent and not the Umno/BN catspaw
25/05/2010 Rundingan Malaysia-Singapura - Jangan biar pisang berbuah dua kali seperti Rundingan Malaysia-Brunei
25/05/2010 Surat kepada Perdana Menteri - Kegagalan UPE melibatkan dan membincangkan permohonan program/projek pembangunan di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesepuluh oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang
25/05/2010 Another case of police shooting death involving 18-yr old Mohd Afham - PR proposes to convene another Parliamentary Roundtable on fatal police shootings as well as to revisit Dzaiddin Royal Police Commission Report 2005
24/05/2010 DAPSY calls on the Prime Minister to increase the numbers of PSD scholarships to 2,100 places
23/05/2010 The Sibu Declaration
23/05/2010 Mencabar UMNO dan PERKASA membantah pemberian lesen judi bola oleh kerajaan BN
23/05/2010 Pakatan Rakyat leadership council will meet next month to chart a strategy to remove Sarawak and Sabah as the Barisan Nasional's "fixed deposit" states
23/05/2010 Najib should haul up and reprimand SUPP President George Chan for his "barbarians at the gate" speech which makes a total mockery of the Prime Minister's year-old 1Malaysia Policy
23/05/2010 Why MACC "may" and not "shall" call Najib in for investigation over his infamous RM5 million "let's make a deal" speech in the Sibu by-election?
23/05/2010 DAP Sibu MP Wong Ho Leng will lead DAP policy debate on 10th Malaysia Plan in June Parliament to spell out the triple implications of the Sibu Miracle
22/05/2010 Low cost house fiasco: Publishing names of owners is the first step towards clearing the mess of the past
22/05/2010 Public consultations a necessary pre-requisite to a clean energy future
22/05/2010 Najib should not dodge questions but should answer frankly whether the Bakun Dam project has cost overruns of RM1.7 billion and that the government will be asking Parliament for a RM700 million bailout package for Sime Darby
21/05/2010 All out preparation to begin for battle for Putrajaya in the next general election
21/05/2010 Why MACC dare not announce it will probe Najib if corruption is suspected in the Prime Minister's infamous RM5million "deal" at Rejang Park, Sibu on the eve of Sibu by-election polling?
21/05/2010 Najib should present a preliminary White Paper to the June 7 Parliament on the RM1-2billion Sime Darby cost overruns which have already led to the fall of its group chief executive Ahmad Zubir
20/05/2010 DAP to consider moving a parliamentary motion to remove Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar as Election Commission Deputy Chairman for his bias, unprofessional and harsh comments about the DAP
20/05/2010 Is Utusan Malaysia capable of paradigm shift to be true standard-bearer of a 1Malaysia concept or will it continue like Canute to spearhead the resistance to the tide of change in Malaysia?
20/05/2010 Will IGP try to understand the public and agree to a public inquiry into police shootings now that there is another police report lodged by port worker Sharil Azlan?
20/05/2010 Call on Najib to suspend UUCA for five years to demonstrate he has the political will to implement NEM priority to “retain and attract talent”
19/05/2010 Surat aduan rasmi kepada SPR - Kelemahan dalam perjalanan proses pilihan raya kecil Sibu
19/05/2010 Call on Rais Yatim to lift all RTM restrictions on Chou Z Lam’s Bakun Dam documentary and ensure that the remaining episodes of the television documentary is aired
19/05/2010 Radzi doing the nation a grave disservice in down-playing the public crisis of confidence facing MACC
19/05/2010 Election Commission’s professionalism, credibility and integrity plunged to its lowest point
18/05/2010 A small step of Sibu by-election victory has brought about a big leap in Malaysian democracy
18/05/2010 DAP/PR victory in Sibu sparks new hopes for a PR Federal Government in next general election
18/05/2010 Call for clear Cabinet position tomorrow: whether Najib's promise of RM5 flood mitigation project for Rejang Park in Sibu made on eve of Sibu by-election will be honoured or not
17/05/2010 Najib breached election law
17/05/2010 DAP creates miracle at Sibu by-election a great people's victory
17/05/2010 Wong Soon Koh should stop being a sore loser - show proof or apologise for baseless allegations against Lim Guan Eng
17/05/2010 Call for public inquiry into the two-and-a-half hour delay in announcing the results of the Sibu by-election last night
16/05/2010 Change we can - Wong Ho Leng
14/05/2010 Opt for safer energy options as there are problems with siting nuclear plant
14/05/2010 Continued drop of ranking of Malaysian Universities in Asia – part of larger disease of Malaysia becoming the “sick man of South-East Asia”
13/05/2010 Sibu should vote for new politics of change & reject old politics of buy-elections
13/05/2010 Sibu people thankful for Najib’s RM15 million for Chinese schools in Sibu but the Prime Minister should be reminded that it should be at least RM30 million if not RM150 million cheques he should have distributed yesterday
13/05/2010 Najib’s 3-minute lightning visit to Tua Pek Kong Temple leaving before start of procession a disappointment as advance publicity said the Prime Minister would speak at temple and lead the procession
12/05/2010 Sabah needs by-election to receive “goodies” from BN government
12/05/2010 Call on the Sibu and Lanang electorate to check their status on the electoral roll
12/05/2010 ISA threat violates freedom of choice & climate of peaceful by-elections in Sibu
12/05/2010 The award of a sports betting license to Berjaya Group marks a complete mockery and the end of “New Economic Model”
12/05/2010 Two Open Tweets to Cabinet for its urgent consideration this morning
11/05/2010 SUPP and Robert Lau must ask the Prime Minister to unequivocally declare that Malaysia is not an Islamic state
11/05/2010 Call on the Sibu people to be part of the change
11/05/2010 Call on Cabinet tomorrow to formally apologise to family and nation for the trigger-happy police killing of 14yr-old Aminulrasyid and measures to end all police shooting deaths
11/05/2010 Mahathir said he was not a dictator but after he unconstitutionally declared Malaysia as an Islamic State on Sept. 29, 2001 not a single SUPP leader in the past 10 years dare to say in Parliament and Cabinet that Malaysia is a secular state
11/05/2010 Can Malaysia go the way of Greece becoming a bankrupt country and can Sarawak be spared if Malaysia is bankrupt?
10/05/2010 Penang’s focus on Penang’s human resources to propel Penang forward as an international city, high-income & knowledge economy
10/05/2010 Challenge to SUPP Sibu chief Wong Soon Koh to a public debate on Friday night on his allegation that “A vote for Rocket is a vote for Islamic State”
09/05/2010 Hishammuddin should apologise for his insult to Malaysian women on Mother’s Day blaming women’s “chattering” for exaggerating the crime problem and demonizing the police
08/05/2010 Gesaan tambahan peruntukan penyelenggaraan jalan persekutuan di Pulau Pinang
08/05/2010 Robert Lau should remain as a local councillor if he’s unwilling to speak up on serious national issues in Parliament
08/05/2010 BN’s candidate should declare his stand on the “Allah” issue
08/05/2010 Wong Ho Leng's humble message to the voters
08/05/2010 Prime Minister Najib given until 11 am tomorrow to set up Hanif Omar RCI into police trigger-happy killing of Aminulrasyhid or I will ask Sibu voters to use by-election to send clear message that they want a IPCMC
07/05/2010 BN Sarawak MPs not speaking in Parliament
07/05/2010 Why SUPP candidate Lau Hui Yew is like other Barisan Nasional Ministers and leaders who have no confidence in their own school system by sending their children to international schools or overseas?
07/05/2010 Police investigation into Aminulrasyid’s killing most disgraceful and unprofessional in subjecting 15-year-old Azamuddin to three questionings when the student had consistently stuck to his version as given in his first police report the very same day
06/05/2010 BN indulges cronies, PR adopts transparency in governance
06/05/2010 The implementation of GST will seriously affect the livelihood of Sarawakians
06/05/2010 DAP fully supports PAS proposal for a suit to be filed against the federal government for ceding away the oil-rich offshore Blocks L and M in South China Sea
06/05/2010 IGP and Sel CPO first started trial by media against Animulrashid and family - are they going to apologise for calling the two students "criminals"?
05/05/2010 Najib administration sending mixed messages on nuclear power plant
05/05/2010 Nuclear decision hasty - needs review, public consultation and engaging critics
05/05/2010 Sibu will kickoff Pakatan Rakyat's goal bring good governance to Sarawak and Malaysia
05/05/2010 Soon Koh should make public which courses offered by LTC have been approved by MQA
05/05/2010 DAP urges a rethink on building a nuclear power plant
05/05/2010 2010 World Press Freedom Day ignored by Najib Government as Malaysia stands on the crossroad with Najib deciding whether to usher a return of the Mahathirish media dark age
05/05/2010 Late-night visit of Special Panel to Aminulrasyid murder site "a circus, just PR show" - an insult to Aminul's memory and concerned Malaysians
04/05/2010 BN Government’s action of surrendering oil-rich Blocks L & M : An Act that relinquished the Sovereignty position of Sarawak
04/05/2010 Usul tergempar di Dewan Negara mengenai kematian seorang pelajar berusia 15 tahun, Aminulrasyid Amzah yang ditembak mati oleh polis
04/05/2010 Launching of the first Speakers' Corner in Malaysia
04/05/2010 Powerless Special Panel into Aminulrasyid’s police killing neither fish nor fowl even with Tun Hanif as member – Cabinet tomorrow should end “guerrilla” responses and take holistic decision on Tun Hanif RCI on all police shooting deaths since 2005
04/05/2010 Hassan Musa – resign as IGP as the tearful eye-witness testimony of traumatized 15-year-old Azamuddin on the police killing of Form III student Aminulrasyid has completely destroyed your credibility and authority!
03/05/2010 Posting teachers not knowing Mandarin to SRJK(C)
03/05/2010 Press freedom central to a transparent, accountable & democratic nation
03/05/2010 Professor Danny Quah rightly diagnosed the cancer of Malaysia's public finances, but prescribed panadol as the cure!
03/05/2010 The shooting of Aminulrasyid Amzah - its murder!
03/05/2010 Malaysians celebrate a gloomy World Press Freedom Day 2010 by remaining in the bottom 32% of countries in the world with a press that is classified by freedom house as “not free”
03/05/2010 Call on Najib to release a full chronological order on the events resulting in the ceding of Malaysian sovereignty to Blocks L and M to Brunei and the position of Brunei’s territorial claim to Limbang
03/05/2010 Are Umno leaders to issue the “Get Out from BN!” order to MCA Ministers if MCA cannot recapture Chinese support?
03/05/2010 Najib’s “Do not cover up” warning to Police over Aminulrasyid killing long overdue and a clear slap in the face of IGP and Home Minister
02/05/2010 Selangor’s success in enacting the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act will be adopted
01/05/2010 Not a single Human Rights Commissioner for more than a week an indictment of the cavalier and contemptuous attitude of Najib administration to democracy and human rights
01/05/2010 Latest Tweets on killing of Aminulrasyid

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