Bulletin Archive - June 2005


30/6/2005 Murad Report - why MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, MIC Ministers know nothing?
30/6/2005 Will MMC take 666 yrs to review 333 foreign medical degrees?
29/6/2005 Malaysians Must Reject The Politics Of Deceit And Self-Deception
29/6/2005 Isu berkaitan pendidikan dan perkhidmatan guru
29/6/2005 Bank Negara Must Fully Explain Why The RM3.80 Peg To US$ Not Reviewed
29/6/2005 Isa cannot remain a single day as Minister - resign or be sacked
29/6/2005 School gangsterism:Pahang State Education Department commended.Hishammuddin slammed for mumming on the issue
28/6/2005 Call for restoration of prison salary parity with police
28/6/2005 5 burning issues for Cabinet - corruption, police, water, CSMU and parl. reform
27/6/2005 Pemberitahuan Pertanyaan Dewan Rakyat oleh Teresa Kok:
27/6/2005 Ucapan Penangguhan: Kes saman pemula No24-345-2004 antara Wan Foo Cheong dan Lim Sui Yong dalam Mahkamah Tinggi (4) Malaya di Pulau Pinang
27/6/2005 Push the deadline of its Zero Squatters 2005 Program by another year
27/6/2005 Drug free civil service system - a step in the right direction
27/6/2005 CMSU degrees - Gerakan Youth sabotaging campaign for fair play
27/6/2005 Four Areas Of  Reform
26/6/2005 CSMU medical degrees - "Tell-all" Ministerial statement wanted
26/6/2005 After Isa, who are the other top 6 UMNO leaders?
25/6/2005 Sack/arrest Isa as FT Minister for corruption and abuse of power
24/6/2005 A Common Examination System For Entry Into Universities
24/6/2005 Parliamentary Roundtable (4) on CSMU medical degrees on Sunday
24/6/2005 Derecognition of CSMU: MIC members and supporters should take the suspension of S. Sothinathan as a wake up call
24/6/2005 Shafie - neither light nor vision for great Malaysian universities
23/6/2005 Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas di Parlimen Untuk Mengkaji Dasar dan Masalah Tenagakerja di Malaysia
23/6/2005 Memorandum presented to the MMC on the derecognition of CMSU
23/6/2005 Don't trade off CSMU degrees for lifting of Sothinathan's suspension
23/6/2005 LKY - hold pre-cabinet NGO consultation on water bills before next Wednesday
23/6/2005 Refer 2 deputy ministers to Privileges Committee - who lied in Parliament?
22/6/2005 Suhakam 2004 Report - DAP wants Parliament debate
22/6/2005 CSMU issue - don't punish Sothinathan for speaking up in Parliament
22/6/2005 False "No Objection Letters" for CSMU medical studeis - how many issued by Higher Education Ministry?
22/6/2005 LKY - new convert "no water privatisation" should support Parliamentary Select Committee
21/6/2005 Emergency Motion-Call for suspension of MMC’s derecognition of Ukraine’s Crimea
21/6/2005 Rafidah should be hauled up for violating PM directive
21/6/2005 DAP Malaysia welcomes the outcome of Lebanese elections
20/6/2005 National Service authority owes families of trainees Noraini and Deng Wen Huan an explanation
20/6/2005 Suspend MMC derecognition of CSMU medical degree - Parliament motion tomorrow
20/6/2005 White Paper - School gangsterism getting out of control
19/6/2005 CSMU medical degree - Samy Vellu deserves support
18/6/2005 Kit Siang forgives Keng Yaik - water privatisation issue more important
18/6/2005 The Shameful Rejection Of Scholarships For Top Scholars -PSD Top Officials Should Be Sacked
18/6/2005 Mahathir's "expel Myanmar" - discuss it at Putrajaya ASEAN Summit in Dec
18/6/2005 JI ISA detainees - why "small fries" still in when "big fishes" released?
18/6/2005 Name Ministers/MBs/CMs with assets more than RM50/RM100 million
17/6/2005 We want the state government to stop the imminent privatization of the water supply management in the state 
17/6/2005 M16 training for NS trainees serves little purpose but poses high risks for all
17/6/2005 Cancellation of transportation for cabin crew: MASEU President and Sec-Gen have a lot to explain to its members
17/6/2005 Hissammuddin commended for calling PSD to make public scholarships criteria
17/6/2005 Call on Myanmar protestors to be released immediately and unconditionally
17/6/2005 Michael Soosai website - assurance wanted from Abdullah
17/6/2005 Hashim should resign as UM VC for his "pgymy" vision
16/6/2005 Memorandum kepada Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam ( JPA) Berkenaan Dengan Peruntukan Biasiswa PILN 2005 JPA Kepada Pemohon-Pemohon SPM
15/6/2005 48% of detainees for suspected criminal activities are Indians
15/6/2005 Caning for drinking alcohol - chance for PAS to show moderate face
15/6/2005 Afiq case - Pahang Sultan praised, Hishammuddin criticised, Karpal offers legal services
13/6/2005 Parliamentary Caucus on Higher Education for world-class universities
13/6/2005 Memorandum to Rafidah Aziz: Who Is The King Of APs?
13/6/2005 Open Tender Abuse - will LKY report Syabas to ACA?
13/6/2005 Motions on PM's 20-month report card and Police Royal Commission
12/6/2005 Restoring Local Government Elections Would Help Malaysia Regain Our International Trade Competitiveness
12/6/2005 Award PSD scholarships to top 200 SPM high-achievers
11/6/2005 Terence Gomez reinstated - press on for varsity reforms
11/6/2005 Is Hashim Yaacob qualified to be good VC of UM?
11/6/2005 White Paper on water services - which state more efficient than Penang
11/6/2005 5 SPM top-scorers get PSD scholarships - PM commended
11/6/2005 Reforming The Police Forcev - Implement The First 5 Recommendations Of The Royal Commission
11/6/2005 Kokus Ahli Parlimen Mengenai Hak Asasi Manusia melawat ke Simpang Renggam & Kamunting
10/6/2005 Syabas scandal - Select Committee on Water Bills important
10/6/2005 Stop Exploitation of Migrant Workers
10/6/2005 Authorities Should Not Allow Holding of Tobacco EXPO
09/6/2005 Karpal to attend "Soldarity with Terence Gomez" dinner
09/6/2005 No to increased Syabas water tariff next year
09/6/2005 Higher education in crisis: Bidding farewell to Dr Terence Gomez
09/6/2005 Education And Civil Service System Must Be Overhauled And Revamped
09/6/2005 Making Public The AP List
08/6/2005 Punish Not Just Hong Leong Bank But All Banks causing fall in stock market
08/6/2005 Immediate And Automatic Approval Of Government Scholarships For All Top Scholars
08/6/2005 Restore full democracy to DBKL, not give “jobs to the boys and girls”
08/6/2005 Freeze RM250 million grant to Syabas/review RM12.73 billion concession


Syabas’ Open Violation Of Its Contractual Obligations To The Government Is Symptomatic Of Government Contracts That Are Not Transparent, Not Accountable, Not Competitive And Riddled With Crony Capitalism
07/6/2005 Syabas Selangor water privatisation - suspend RM375 million pipe-laying
06/6/2005 Will Perak be the biggest loser in water privatisation?
06/6/2005 UM leaderless without Chairman of Board for three months
05/6/2005 Get rid of "deadwood" Ministers and downsize Cabinet
05/6/2005 Human rights caucus (MPs) to visit Kamunting Detention Centre June 17
04/6/2005 Parliament Roundtable on Water - 10.6.05
04/6/2005 "Solidarity with Terence Gomez" dinner Kelana Jaya 13th June
03/6/2005 Singapore Parliamentary Caucus on Burma - maturation of ASEAN idea
03/6/2005 Harm Reduction for Drug Addicts-can only work with the cooperation of all quarters.
03/6/2005 "Towering Malaysian academics" - an endangered species
02/6/2005 Corruption is already a culture in Malaysia under Mahathir's 22 years of reign
02/6/2005 UMNO Wakil Rakyats Found Guilty For Involvement In Money Politics Should Also Resign Their Positions To Uphold Accountability And Public Integrity
02/6/2005 New MAS CA terms- Disappointing
02/6/2005 Why UM fallen 71 rankings behind NUS?
01/6/2005 Dato Noh Omar’s Explanation-Ridiculous
01/6/2005 Name AP beneficiaries - LKS supports Mahathir