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Bulletin Archive - December 2009

31/12/2009 Gus Dur’s life-long campaigns for pluralism, inclusiveness and democracy will be remembered
31/12/2009 Ibrahim Yahaya perlu letak jawatan sebagai Ketua Pengarah Penyiaran
31/12/2009 DAP 2010 New Year Message - Malaysia must double our talent pool of professionals
31/12/2009 After nine months, “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” has proved to be mere publicity and propaganda puff of Najib premiership with no meaningful change or consequence to the lives of Malaysians
30/12/2009 Datuk Mohd Alias Kalil should prove that whether activities and campaigns by SAM threaten the nation's interest or rather the interest of BN’s politicians and cronies
30/12/2009 Willing to work together with the Federal Government to help making Penang and Malaysia a high-income economy that is safe, clean and offers equal opportunity for all
30/12/2009 Mahathir should make public the financial losses during his tenure as Prime Minister
29/12/2009 Is the Registrar of Societies’ function to regulate societies or is it merely a Barisan Nasional tool to suppress NGOs deemed undesirable?
29/12/2009 DAP did not agree to any PR manifesto scrapping local government elections
28/12/2009 Ean Yong’s investigation under Session 506 Penal Code is a weak case
28/12/2009 Hian Wah: Saya langsung tiada sebarang kuasa untuk mengarahkan pihak polis menghentikan siasatan terhadap Sdr Guan Eng
28/12/2009 Selangor CPO's ‘Hian Wah-Intimidating the Police’ theory borders on ridiculousness
28/12/2009 Membuat laporan polis sendiri untuk siasat Guan Eng - kenapa tidak untuk orang UMNO?
28/12/2009 Selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar unfit to be a police officer
28/12/2009 Is police action beyond scrutiny and criticism?
28/12/2009 When did Malaysia’s police chiefs develop “egg-shell skull” paranoia
27/12/2009 Referendum on ISA
26/12/2009 PDRM should be tackling real rather than imaginary criminals
26/12/2009 Tindakan polis terhadap Lim Guan Eng tidak profesional
26/12/2009 Police should solve the TBH case instead of finding faults of PR leaders
26/12/2009 Seeking a fair deal that gives equal opportunity for all
25/12/2009 Pihak polis diperkudakan oleh Barisan Nasional sebagai jentera politik untuk menyerang peminpin-peminpin Pakatan Rakyat
24/12/2009 Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang berharap agar Najib akan menunaikan janjinya untuk memastikan 30 projek Persekutuan di Pulau Pinang yang dijangka lewat itu dapat disiapkan dalam baki tempoh 12 bulan RMK-9 ini
24/12/2009 Quintessence of Mahathirism – pure Machiavellianism, perverse illogic and most cunning to distract attention from the core issue
24/12/2009 Christmas Message - Redeeming our faith in good values and renewing hope by fighting corruption
23/12/2009 RM2.4 million gone up in smoke!
22/12/2009 Ucapan Dewan Negara - Rang Undang-undang Jawatankuasa Etika Hakim 2008 (Tunku Abdul Aziz)
22/12/2009 Tubuhkan Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Parlimen atau Suruhanjaya DiRaja
22/12/2009 What a way to end 2009 – the missing RM50 million RMAF jet engines which exposes high-level thievery, government topsy-turvydom and sheer lack of professionalism
21/12/2009 Najib should set up Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate whether Mahathir had “wasted or burned up” RM100 billion on grandiose projects and corruption in his 22 years as Prime Minister
20/12/2009 Call for external investigation on the disappearance of a RM 50 million F-5E fighter engine
20/12/2009 Prinsip cekap, amanah dan telus (CAT) perlu terus menjadi panduan pentadbiran negeri Selangor
20/12/2009 Malaysians should oppose the proposed 4% Goods and Services tax(GST)
19/12/2009 Konsep anak Malaysia milikan semua rakyat bermaruah yang cintai keadilan, kebebasan, kebenaran, kebajikan dan ketakwaan kepada Tuhan
18/12/2009 Why nobody in government starting from Najib has ever talked about “zero tolerance for corruption” to demonstrate their seriousness about battling corruption?
17/12/2009 The Policies of Pakatan Rakyat
17/12/2009 The 2nd Finance Minister's claim that the Goods and Services Tax will not burden anyone while at the same time increase tax collection for the Government does not make sense
17/12/2009 Ketidakadilan akan membawa kehancuran
17/12/2009 Pemberian tambahan Bantuan Khas Kewangan kepada Pegawai Perkhidmatan Awam
17/12/2009 Why not a single Minister from MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SUPP, Sabah and Sarawak dare to be as outspoken as Nazri to speak out against racism as well as BTN and Utusan Malaysia’s racist outpourings which subverts the very basis of a multi-racial Malays
16/12/2009 Questions to Finance Minister(s) on RM628 million MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre: Why the Elegant Silence?
16/12/2009 Penang to help Dell workers who accept VSS through our CAT centers to find alternative jobs
16/12/2009 The postponement of the 1Malaysia NKRA concept will overshadow the public exhibition of the six NKRA initiatives tomorrow
15/12/2009 Why Hishammuddin continue to condone Utusan Malaysia’s utter contempt of the truth, rules and ethics of journalism, and the law in purveying unadulterated venom, poison and sedition in falsely alleging that DAP wants to create a Malaysian republic?
15/12/2009 Greatest disappointment that Najib failed to “walk the talk” with concrete action whether on recognition of Unified Examination Certificate or institutionalize government funding of Independent Chinese Secondary Schools
14/12/2009 Demokrasi semakin kabur di Malaysia
14/12/2009 Utusan Malaysia must stop playing with fire
13/12/2009 Najib should come out with clear-cut statement that 1Malaysia does not mean “Ketuanan Melayu” or “Malay supremacy” and declare that all Malaysians whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Kadazan or Iban are all co-owners of Malaysia
12/12/2009 Both Malaysia and Penang needs to urgently double our talent pool
12/12/2009 The most important of Najib’s seven KPIs, 1Malaysia, a dismal failure in the larger laboratory of Malaysia in past seven months
11/12/2009 Hishamuddin should let us know whether Utusan is above the Law of Malaysia!!
11/12/2009 How many Malaysians will agree with Attorney-General that Phang, Stephen and Tan are “big fishes” in the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?
10/12/2009 Penang is willing to adopt World Bank’s recommendations outlining the 4 key thrusts that can transform Malaysia into a high-income economy
09/12/2009 Lim Swee Kuan dilantik sebagai Setiausaha Politik Exco Selangor
09/12/2009 Call on Hishamuddin to look into a statutory rape case involving a 14 years old school girl
09/12/2009 Menteri KPI bercakap bohong
09/12/2009 Muhyiddin is chief Cabinet hawk siding with Mahathir against Nazri – ball in Najib’s court facing critical test for his 1Malaysia concept which is virtually in tatters
08/12/2009 6 aspects of “Think Globally, Act Locally” for Penang to succeed in transforming itself as an international city, a knowledge-intensive and high-income economy
08/12/2009 Why no other Cabinet Minister, whether Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC or from Sabah and Sarawak, speaking out publicly to endorse Nazri’s denunciation of Mahathir as a racist for defending racist BTN course
07/12/2009 Penang’s participation in MIDA’s investment mission to the United States next week
07/12/2009 “Teoh Beng Hock’s case is nothing. It is a very small case.” – Ahmad Said’s guilty mind speaking
06/12/2009 BTN – why is Muhyiddin backing Ahmad Maslan and not Nazri?
05/12/2009 Biro Tatanegara telah menghala ke tuju yang bertentangan
05/12/2009 "Integrity As Development" approach in Penang has allowed Penang to save hundreds of millions of ringgit
05/12/2009 Under Abu Kassim, can MACC redeem itself and restore public confidence, which has plunged to lowest ebb in nation’s history, as an independent, professional and fearless fighter against corruption?
04/12/2009 Transfer of three judges - does not speak well of the Government’s respect for the judiciary
04/12/2009 DAP Perak takes full responsibility for the 3 frogs door-mat incident at the DAP Perak Annual Convention
04/12/2009 Replace the BTN, which spent RM550 million in past ten years to incite racial hatred and animosity to create more racists than Malaysian nationalists, with an independent non-partisan institution answerable only to Parliament
04/12/2009 Perak DAP convention doormat incident a lesson to all politicians
03/12/2009 Can Malaysia rise from the lost “decade of stagnation”?
02/12/2009 DAP Perak wishes to express regret for the “door-mat” controversy following the Perak DAP State Annual Convention
02/12/2009 Government must rethink on the 10 subject cap decision for SPM examination
02/12/2009 Ahmad Maslan not fit to be Deputy Minister with special charge of BTN if he is ignorant of divisive, racist, seditious BTN course
01/12/2009 Why not invite me to head an investigation whether BTN’s course had poisoned the minds of a generation of leaders, civil servants and university students with its racist indoctrination programme?

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