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Bulletin Archive - March 2011

31/03/2011 Indian last policy a form of clear discrimination against the employment of Indians must be done away with
31/03/2011 Sabah population explosion
31/03/2011 Pengurusan tertinggi PKNS perlu memberi penjelasan
31/03/2011 Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang untuk semua, Wifi juga untuk Semua
31/03/2011 Pakatan Rakyat PR Penang for all, Wifi for all
30/03/2011 Negeri Selangor Mendapat Pelaburan Perindustrian yang Tertinggi di Malaysia bagi tempoh 2008 - 2010 sejak Pakatan Rakyat Menerajui Kerajaan Negeri Selangor
30/03/2011 Making Penang and Kaoshiung greener, cleaner & safer
30/03/2011 Rahim not prosecuted for RM40 million corruption in the nineties in return for relinquishing all government, statutory and party positions?
29/03/2011 Ucapan Menjunjung Kasih Titah DYMM Sultan Selangor oleh ADUN Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San
29/03/2011 Penang's Friendship City status with Taipei City strengthens people to people relationship and allows Penang to learn from Taipei's success in transforming itself into an international city
29/03/2011 The "mother of all moral scandals" perpetrated by titled politicians and so-called leaders
28/03/2011 LDP should quit being in coalition with UMNO which has displayed utter disregard and contempt for LDP by unilaterally changing the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah
28/03/2011 Kerajaan Persekutuan sepatutnya membenarkan Kerajaan Negeri membuat pilihan dikecualikan dalam menggunapakai akta pengurusan sisa pepejal dan pembersihan awam dengan memilih kontraktor sendiri untuk dipertanggungjawabkan dalam tugas pembersihan sisa awam
28/03/2011 The Federal Government should allow State Governments the choice to opt out of the Solid Waste and Urban Cleansing Management Act and instead choose its own contractor to be responsible for these critical urban cleansing duties
26/03/2011 Batalkan rancangan pembinaan loji nuklear untuk penjanaan tenaga elektrik
26/03/2011 We call for the removal of the RM50 credit card tax since it has not only failed to reduce credit card debt as intended, but instead have added to the misery of debtors
26/03/2011 Pakatan Rakyat leadership must not allow the Carcosa sex tape caper to distract focus from the Sarawak general elections
25/03/2011 Kenyataan Joseph Salang bahawa penganut Kristian di Sarawak "tidak harus memperbodohkan diri mereka sendiri" mempamerkan kesombongan pemimpin-pemimpin Barisan Nasional yang sudah mabuk kuasa
25/03/2011 Joseph Salang's statement that Sarawak Christians "should not make fools of themselves" reveals the arrogance typical of Barisan Nasional leaders drunk with power
24/03/2011 DAP minta Mufti Perak nyatakan hukum syarak dan fatwa atas Dato T yang menunjukkan Filem lucah di khalayak ramai
24/03/2011 Scheme to assist single mothers
24/03/2011 Can IGP Ismail Omar give a categorical assurance that there would be no cover-up in the Carcosa sex tape investigations as happened in 1998 when results of Anwar Ibrahim black-eye police investigations were initially suppressed?
23/03/2011 Accusations made by MACC officer in RCI Teoh Beng Hock are baseless & politically motivated
23/03/2011 Why police not yet arrested "Datuk T" - Datuk Trio of Rahim Thamby Chik, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim - for the crimes of the Sri Carcosa sex tape caper
23/03/2011 Police efficiency, independence and professionalism major casualties of the Sri Carcosa sex tape caper
22/03/2011 New born non-Malaysian be given Red birth Certificates
22/03/2011 MACC concocts more lies to deflect attention from their own culpability in the death of the late Teoh Beng Hock
22/03/2011 The Interlok controversy has dragged on long enough. It's time that Palanivel should tell Tan Sri Muhyiddin what the Indian community is saying, that is, "enough is enough"
21/03/2011 Bipartisan group of Parliamentarians for Global action welcomes Government of Malaysia's decision to accede to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
21/03/2011 Call for a campaign period of at least 21 days
21/03/2011 Merayu rancangan pembinaan loji nuklear untuk penjanaan tenaga elektrik dibantalkan
20/03/2011 Pakatan masih pilihan rakyat bukan Melayu
20/03/2011 Pemimpin BN harus memberhentikan penyalahgunaan media massa Bernama dan News Straits Time untuk terus menghentam Kerajaan PR Pulau Pinang dengan fitnah bahawa PR tidak adil dalam pelaksanaan Wifi percuma di seluruh Pulau Pinang kerana ketepikan Kawasan Parlimen BN
20/03/2011 BN leaders should stop using the control of the Bernama and New Straits Times to perpetuate the lie that Penang State Government is excluding BN Parliamentary Constituencies from the free Wifi initiative
20/03/2011 Short of voting out Barisan Nasional in next general elections, the only way to ensure Taib steps down as Sarawak Chief Minister is to deny BN two-thirds majority in Sarawak State Assembly
19/03/2011 Taib not stepping down as Sarawak Chief Minister any time soon
19/03/2011 Najib should give full report to Parliament on the previous "bad experience" with nuclear power which former PM Mahathir had mentioned
18/03/2011 Come next general election, Malaysians should rise up to the occasion and vote for change to bring about a better Malaysia for all
18/03/2011 Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi must immediately retract all his allegations against me published in Utusan Malaysia today and publicly apologise for making baseless and slanderous lies about me
18/03/2011 MACC should pursue corruption allegation against Ministry of Tourism without fear or favour
18/03/2011 Speedy action by Malaysian Government in evacuating Malaysians in Japan needed
17/03/2011 Siasatan terhadap serahan ucapan penangguhan
17/03/2011 "Interlok controversy - Five key questions the Education Minister must ask himself"
17/03/2011 Kudat tourism needed boosters
17/03/2011 Malaysians overseas shouldn't be disenfranchised
17/03/2011 Nazri Aziz's sweeping statement that Malaysians who live abroad do not love our country is most hurtful and disrespectful of their contribution
17/03/2011 Malaysia should learn the lessons from the Japan Nuclear Catastrophe
17/03/2011 Two unreasonable and unacceptable conditions for the release of the 35,100 copies of Bahasa Malaysia Bible should be withdrawn immediately
16/03/2011 A fairer allocation policy needed for all Malaysian students
16/03/2011 Speech by M. Kula Segaran in the Royal Address debate
16/03/2011 Call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry headed by Simon Sipaun to inquire into expectations, hopes and dreams of Sabahans and Sarawakians half a century after formation of Malaysia
16/03/2011 Call on Cabinet on Friday to withdraw the appeal against the KL High Court judgment on the Herald "Allah" case to demonstrate government seriousness and commitment to promote 1Malaysia and inter-religious harmony
15/03/2011 "Not Fair to Sabahan"
15/03/2011 Ucapan YAB Ketua Menteri di Majlis Penerimaan Jawatan Yang DiPertua dan Setiausaha Perbandaran Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai
14/03/2011 BN Leaders' disappointing response to the impounding of the 35,000 Malay-language bibles in Klang and Kuching reveals Najib's 1Malaysia to be the sham that it is
13/03/2011 DAP offers sympathies to Japan
12/03/2011 Dire Indian poverty demands urgent solution
12/03/2011 Seizure of 35,000 Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia - another example that Najib is not master of his own house and the hollowness of 1Malaysia?
11/03/2011 Why Joseph Pairin not giving his support as first Huguan Siou Tun Fuad, if alive today, would have fully endorsed Sipaun's statement that life in Sabah before Malaysia was "very pleasant and good"
11/03/2011 BN's narrow-mindedness to claim credit for Penang's investment success
11/03/2011 Seizure of 30,000 copies of Malay-language Bibles is clearly against the spirit of the Federal Constitution
10/03/2011 Najib must explain why he wasted RM63,000 of taxpayers' money to spam 1.25 million Malaysians with "Salam 1Malaysia" at the jaw dropping cost of 5 sen per email address
10/03/2011 Chua Soi Lek should explain to the public what he means by his "secret 4 letter word", failing which he should tender an open apology
10/03/2011 Call for action plan by ASEAN MPs to secure ratification of Rome Statute by majority of ASEAN nations on 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the International Criminal Court on July 2, 2012
09/03/2011 Young adults not benefitting from "My First Home Scheme"
08/03/2011 March 8th International Women's Day remind Malaysians of the need to continue pushing for political reform and the role that women must play in it
08/03/2011 International Women's Day Message & 3rd Anniversary of 2008 Political Tsunami Message by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng
07/03/2011 Motion of thanks Speech by MP for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu on the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong opening remarks of the 4th session of the 12th Parliament sitting
07/03/2011 Ucapan terima kasih oleh Ahli Parlimen Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu atas ucapan pembukaan Yang Di-Pertuan Agong pada pembukaan sesi 4 Parlimen ke-12
07/03/2011 Sandiwara Kerajaan UMNO Perak dan Yayasan Perak dalam isu pembangunan sekolah Tamil di negeri Perak
06/03/2011 Has the MRT become a "build-at-whatever-cost" project?
06/03/2011 Why Chua Soi Lek dare not declare that Ling and Chan were innocent and that they are victims of selective prosecution by Attorney-General?
04/03/2011 Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang kecewa dengan Pos Malaysia berikutan tindakan menaikkan caj komisen yang dikenakan
04/03/2011 Penang state government regrets that Pos Malaysia intends to increase the commission charges for payment of water bills
04/03/2011 Why no protest by Chua Soi Lek at Ling and Chan being singled out for corruption charges in connection for RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal without any Umno personality is being charged?
03/03/2011 "Political-economic factors" risks major cost-overruns and a failure to meet over-sized targets in the MRT rush-job
03/03/2011 Why not convene an emergency MCA General Assembly to allow MCA delegates to decide whether MCA should make public apology to nation and people for producing a MCA President and Deputy President who are charged for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?
02/03/2011 Ex-judge Shaikh Daud should not have compromised his stature by allowing himself to be dragooned by BN propagandists to run down Teoh Beng Hock's family and lawyers
02/03/2011 Chua Soi Lek and MCA leadership should declare their stand - whether they believe in Ling and Chan's innocence or that both were "political scapegoats" for Umno
01/03/2011 Is Chua Soi Lek going to apologise not only to UMNO and BN but to all Malaysians for producing a MCA President and MCA Deputy President who betrayed the trust of the people and country in being involved in "grand corruption" of RM1.2billion PKFZ scandal?

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