Bulletin Archive - May 2003


31/5/2003 Cabinet decision on National service programme: Why Malaysians must learn from Singapore Straits Times?
31/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Final Countdown - Mahathir's credibility at Evian G8 Summit at stake
31/5/2003 Two educational targets - one world-class varsity and be among Asia's top 10 varsities
30/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 2: Did Dollah sign ISA extension orders before going "Down Under"?
30/5/2003 Commission on Quality of Malaysian Higher Education
30/5/2003 DAPSY’s memorandum and proposals to reform the university entrance examination system
30/5/2003 The unfair and unprofessional “meritocracy system” if not abolished and replaced by a common examination will result in further brain drain
29/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 3: Suhakam should break its thunderous silence
29/5/2003 Three building-blocks for academic excellence - no P.R. gimmicry
29/5/2003 Calls for Shah Alam to be recognized as an intelligent Malay city improper and not in line with the spirit of multiculturalism
29/5/2003 Meritocracy system: An unfair meritocracy system goes against the government’s objective to raise the competitiveness of the bumiputra students
29/5/2003 DAP Selangor to confront Kajang Municipality Council (MPK) Secretary Zamri who reiterates Selangor " No pork selling in open-air markets " policy on Saturday
29/5/2003 BN Government's latest intimidate tactic - Broga Incinerator Implementation Committee formed before the completion and release of the EIA report
28/5/2003 Takeover of Selangor DAP State Committee: DAP National Treasurer Fong Kui Lun heads the interim Selangor DAP State Committee
28/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 4 - DAP CEC calls for immediate release
28/5/2003 DAPSY will send memorandum calling for single admission system to public universities
28/5/2003 Academic excellence greater magnet for foreign students than education bureaus overseas
27/5/2003 MAS should take action against Silkways Cargo Ltd owned by Mohamad Zin
27/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Coundown Day 5: Test of Abdullah's "First World Infrastructure/Mentality" Vision
26/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 6 - Immediate release, no need to wait for June 1
26/5/2003 Ling's status as Transport Minister completely untenable
26/5/2003 KL City Hall should immediately halt the construction of the Pantai Dalam-Jalan 5/46 link road
26/5/2003 NRD should set up a special MyKad counter to cater to the elderly and parents with young children
26/5/2003 Contract given to incinerator designer and builder Ebara in dire straits should be terminated to safeguard Malaysians' interest
26/5/2003 Leadership takeover: New MCA President Datuk Ong Ka Ting must resolve two outstanding issues
25/5/2003 Reformasi 6 Countdown Day 7 - Plea to Bar Council and lawyers to speak out in these crucial few days
24/5/2003 Countdown Day 8: Reformasi 6 - Dy Home Minister's tacit admission of unlawful detention
24/5/2003 Ka Ting - let Kong Choy be Acting MCA President until completion of inquiry into MCA "black gold" politics
23/5/2003 Better civil service as a stimulus
23/5/2003 Indonesian Army massacre of Aceh civilians - NAM/ASEAN fact-finding missions
23/5/2003 4.5% economic growth from stimulus package - Mahathir in denial
23/5/2003 Nine-day countdown for reformasi 5 - release or another 2-year ISA detention
23/5/2003 No pork selling in open-air markets - Mahathir's 929 Declaration at work
22/5/2003 Malaysian initiatives to return Aceh conflict to the negotiating table
22/5/2003 University meritocracy system - not just illusion but the substance of merit
22/5/2003 MTUC and CUEPACS - thrash out differences on EPF and take unified stand
22/5/2003 RM16 is what one needs to gamble in Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi Resort
22/5/2003 Better mechanism to implement the new economic package
22/5/2003 Red Tape, Misconduct And Government Inefficiency May Stifle The RM7.3 Billion Economic Stimulus Package
21/5/2003 DAPSY regrets the Indonesian military attacks on Aceh and urge a return to the negotiation process
21/5/2003 Establishing a statutory inter-religious body demonstrate government commitment to religious tolerance and inter-religious understanding
21/5/2003 Challenge to Abu Talib: Suhakam inquiry into Operation Lalang mass ISA arrests
21/5/2003 Election Commission - don't be ostrich with head in the sand and stop playing favourties between ruling and opposition parties
21/5/2003 MCA CC Friday meeting - don't forget rights of an entire generation to affordable quality tertiary education
20/5/2003 Director-General of Trade Union erred for calling MTUC's bid to picket on 21 May 2003 illegal
20/5/2003 What is  the real picture of the actual students’ intake in all public institutions of higher learning for 2003/2004?
20/5/2003 Mahadzir should clear the issue of dress code for non-Muslim students of IIUM by directing IIUM to remove the controversial regulation
20/5/2003 Is Malaysia losing another war against terrorism with grave economic consequences?
20/5/2003 Samy Vellu (Indians lose out in meritocracy?) and Liong Sik's "kow-tow"
19/5/2003 Terrorist Alert Travel Advisories on Malaysia - are they hostile enemy actions?
19/5/2003 Joint common stand on Election Commission - Proposal to all political parties
19/5/2003 End unprofessional "Meritocracy without merit" - common exam with 80% merit and 20% needs system
19/5/2003 Legalised phantom voters in Sabah
19/5/2003 Government should step up its monitoring of terrorist activities following the bombings in Riyadh and Casablanca
18/5/2003 Comprehensive information on learning opportunities
18/5/2003 Review government handling of Malaysia-US relationship
18/5/2003 Constituency election monitoring squad - most ridiculous EC proposal so far
17/5/2003 BN Federal Government has to pay vehicle fleet management company RM400 million if it terminates its contract
17/5/2003 Code of Conduct for Caretaker Government after dissolution of Parliament
16/5/2003 Reject "929 Declaration" - first and last opportunity
16/5/2003 Malaysia ranked No. 4 in competitiveness - no ground for euphoria
16/5/2003 "Akujanji" for EC Chairman and members to conduct free, fair and clean elections
16/5/2003 Campaign of non-co-operation if no Kadir apology for his "patriotism" aspersion
16/5/2003 DAP supports MTUC's plan to picket on 21 May to demand for higher dividend for 10.3 million EPF members
16/5/2003 The legacy of Walter Sisulu should be an inspiration to all who cherish freedom and democracy
16/5/2003 The US draft resolution on the reconstruction of Iraq to the UN Security Council, co-signed by United Kingdom and Spain, evidence of its hegemony
15/5/2003 Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam Should Respect The 2001 Auditor-General's Report And Punish Those Responsible For The "Profligacy And Loss" In The RM13.3 Million Parameswara Jetty Project In Bandar Hilir, Melaka
15/5/2003 RM25 million Construction Cost Of The 9-Storey Menara PERTAM In Melaka Baru
15/5/2003 Vesak Day - Malaysia as bridge between civilisations to promote international peace
15/5/2003 Cabinet - appoint Param to head Judiclal Reform Commission
14/5/2003 4-issue FEER hold-up because of over RM10 billion Renong bail-out article?
14/5/2003 Is Abdul Kadir more patriotic than ordinary Malaysians?
13/5/2003 Kamunting detention camp officers are urged to respect the human rights of the ISA detainees at the Kamunting detention camp
13/5/2003 Malaysia's Al-Jazeera - instrument of BN propaganda or forerunner of press liberalisation?
13/5/2003 Kadir should apologise for questioning patriotism of Malaysian Chinese or be replaced as National Day organising committee chairman
12/5/2003 Assaults on Tian Chua/Hishammudin - reminder of Anwar's "black-eye" assault by IGP
12/5/2003 Samy's "new Malaysian Indian" - could not last more than 24 hours
12/5/2003 Mahathir should not play party politics with Pax Americana
11/5/2003 Call on Suhakam to immediately set up an independent commission of inquiry into the alleged assault of the ISA 5
11/5/2003 Abdullah's First 100 Days and M's three fallacies for stronger BN win in next polls
10/5/2003 Effective SARS screening system
10/5/2003 Govt rebuttal to The Economist raised embarrassing questions about Mahathir premiership
9/5/2003 Leniency for direct-selling companies should be reversed
9/5/2003 Maybank should not charge its account holders for a service charge of 2% for simple and basic services
9/5/2003 Election Commission should launch three-month clean-up of "dirty" electoral roll
9/5/2003 Assign Najib to write a more substantive/credible rebuttal to The Economist
9/5/2003 Abdullah "passed with flying colours" as Acting PM - but so did Anwar in 1997!
8/5/2003 Srutinize quality of Malaysian medical students within & outside the country
8/5/2003 Abandoned housing and commercial projects: Call on the Prime Minister to solve the problem before his retirement
8/5/2003 DAP offers common stand with MIC to demand minimum living monthly wage of RM750 for estate workers
8/5/2003 MCA black-gold politics - are OTK's two names in the poison-pen letter?
8/5/2003 Kickstart stalled political dialogue in Burma - should be agenda in June ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Cambodia
7/5/2003 New approach to exams. & warning against repeating previous mistakes
7/5/2003 Clean up 2.8 million phantom voters or no-confidence parliament motion on EC
7/5/2003 One "black sheep" judge is one too many - re-cast Judge's Code of Conduct
7/5/2003 Ong Ka Ting should ask for Commission of Inquiry into allegation that he is ring-leader of MCA black-gold politics
6/5/2003 40 JMTM journalists - press charter to report freely about Malaysia
6/5/2003 Drop "No absolute media freedom" mantra - excuse for press censorship
6/5/2003 Review system of appointing judges - Abdullah should keep open mind
6/5/2003 Details of 8MP projects shelved
5/5/2003 Is OIC Summit postponed to next April and is PM's retirement still on schedule?
5/5/2003 We call on the Malaysian Health Ministry to enforce stricter preventive measures against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), so as to ensure the safety of all Malaysians
5/5/2003 Press Freedom - worse than score of countries with less than one-tenth Malaysian per capita GNP
5/5/2003 Sg Selangor Dam all ready for flooding. But what is the point now that the MB of Selangor has admittedly said that the supply of the dam would be sufficient for only two years?
5/5/2003 Service first advice: Government leaders should set a good example
4/5/2003 Internet users who have access to full, accurate and quick information have all the reason to be involved in this battle
4/5/2003 Next General Election - Three great challenges
4/5/2003 Abdullah should revive ABC slogan when he becomes Prime Minister
4/5/2003 Malaysia Media Council - to usher in press freedom or entrench unfree press
4/5/2003 As we gather here tonight, let us therefore pledge to continue our battle together for a Malaysian Malaysia and to make Malaysia forever a secular, democratic nation
3/5/2003 The senseless killing of Iraqi youths by American soldiers shocking, outrageous and deserves the greatest condemnation
3/5/2003 DAP supports Rais - strip criminals of titles, starting with Rahim Noor
3/5/2003 ZAM ill-informed, illogical, conceited, insufferable, offensive and dangerous
2/5/2003 The Economist - Release April 24 issue while preparing government rebuttal
2/5/2003 MTUC picket against EPF dividend on 21st May - DAP CEC to meet on Sunday
2/5/2003 DAP to launch party web radio on 4 May 2003
2/5/2003 Home Ministry should immediately lift the ban of 13 Christian books as well as other banned Muslim books in order to be consistent with natural justice
1/5/2003 White Paper - Strategy to restore multi-racial civil service, police and armed forces
1/5/2003 Economist ban exemplifies "First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality"