Kuala Lumpur free trading zone must have proper guidelines.

We refer to the Bernama news report dated 10 November 2020 where the FT Minister was quoted as saying “Kuala Lumpur will become a free trading area from Nov 15, anybody who wants to conduct business, regardless of whether it is full time or part time, can pick a suitable site in front of their houses, or by the road of a housing area.”

We welcome the FT Minister’s enthusiasm in being business friendly and providing trading opportunities for those in need especially in such trying times. However, the FT Minister must ensure that this new policy is not abused and that it does not contribute further to the perennial problems of cleanliness and congestion in the city. Safety must also be a paramount consideration in the implementation of this policy.

The pandemic has also forced the closure of more than 30,000 SMEs nationwide. To be business friendly, the FT Minister should be streamlining licences applications not just for hawkers but other businesses. 

It has been 16 days since our last statement and the FT Minister has yet to call for a meeting with all KL MPs. This meeting we want to have with him is very important for the planning and spending of DBKL 2021 Budget which will have a major impact on the welfare and wellbeing of KL folks.

Tan Kok Wai
MP Cheras

Fong Kui Lun
MP Bukit Bintang

Teresa Kok
MP Seputeh

Dr Tan Yee Kew
MP Wangsa Maju

Lim Lip Eng
MP Kepong

Fahmi Fadzil
MP Lembah Pantai

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
MP Setiawangsa

P. Prabakaran
MP Batu

Hannah Yeoh
MP Segambut

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