Good governance

Competency, Accountability and Transparency in Government to fully realise Malaysia’s social and economic potential

The key to Malaysia’s development in the next decade will be dependent on our ability to create strong economic and social policies based on accountability, transparency, and fairness at all levels of the public sector.

Weak governance in Malaysia has created a system where corrupt politicians act with impunity, embezzling scarce public resources that could be used for education, healthcare, infrastructure and development.

For Malaysia to be a world-class nation, we need leaders who not only respect the rule of law but will also champion applying the law equally to all. DAP is committed to prioritising good governance in order to protect fundamental human rights, to eliminate corruption, and to ensure that the administration runs smoothly and efficiently.

“ We must cleanse Malaysia from corruption, malfeasance & kleptocracy, and at the same time drive a sustainable economic growth so that the benefits can be shared by all, not just by a few people in power.”

Lim Kit Siang,
Former DAP Secretary-General

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