Anthony Loke’s progress so far

al progress

Here’s a brief recap on what Anthony Loke has done since his first day as Transport Minister.

Since helming the Transport Ministry, Anthony’s fast and decisive actions have received plenty of praise from Malaysians.

Even before he officially clocked in, Anthony spent two hours incognito on the LRT Kelana Jaya line to gain first-hand passenger experience. In the days to come, Anthony would conduct surprise visits to major public transportation services including LRT, KTM, TBS, KLIA, KLIA 2, and KLIA Express. Anthony’s spot checks resulted in the repairs and replacement of facilities that needed improvement. This included faulty lifts, escalators and light bulbs. Anthony also addressed the issues of crowded trains by requesting for the addition of more trains along the LRT Kelana Jaya line and increasing the frequency of LRT from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

A stickler for punctuality, Anthony has made it clear that he expects professionalism and a quick response when the public is forced to wait or deal with delays. This was highlighted when Batik Air (formerly known as Malindo) was instructed to apologise to  passengers who had to deal with an 8-hour flight delay without any notice.

In addition, MOT announced the continuation of mega rail projects including LRT 3 and MRT 3. The ECRL will also be continued with a cost reduction of RM11 billion. Most recently, MOT worked with Air Asia, MYAirline, Batik Air and other flight airlines to help fight the anticipated hike in ticket prices during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Complaints from netizens regarding the poor quality of vehicle road tax stickers had also prompted the Minister of Transport to work on replacing said stickers with ones of better quality, after a meeting with the top management of the Road Transport Department (JPJ). What’s more, Anthony has also confirmed that JPJ will continue to digitalise their services and are currently working to make the renewals of road tax and driver’s license accessible online.

Anthony Loke has certainly had a fruitful first month as Transport Minister and we look forward to even more upgrades to our public transportation in 2023!


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