Peter Hee re-elected as Dapsy S’wak chief, rallies members to prepare for coming state elections


Peter Hee Leh Kheng has been re-elected as chief of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) Socialist Youth (Dapsy) Sarawak during the Dapsy Sarawak Convention which was held at the DAP Sarawak headquarters at Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim yesterday

Full list of DAPSY Sarawak Committee below:

Dapsy Sarawak chief: Peter Hee Leh Kheng

Deputy Chief: Roderick Wong Siew Lead

Vice Chief: Yek Ling

Vice Chief: Suzanne Wong

Secretary: George Lam Li Kang

Treasurer: Wong King Yii

Organising Secretary: Anthony Chin Fang Chi

Deputy Organising Secretary: Sim Kiat Leng

Publicity Secretary: Julie Wong

Deputy Publicity Secretary: Daphne Chong Yan Xin

Political education bureau went to Jordan Soo Tien Ren.

Committee members: Victoria Wong, Sylvester Lim Kai Bin, Nelson Ting Xiang Yu, Wong Chin Kie, Samuel Wong Yew Teck, Stilda Aba and Ling Sie Lik named in the committee as submitted by their divisions.

Meanwhile, Roswie Manti Sengok, Hu Ting Pei, Low Lik Yuan, Joyce Ling Kah Yee, Megan Sia Xin Hui, Alex Thian Kah Yung, Hwang Fung Sieng, Brenda Wong, Lawrence Lu Cheng Shun and Eileen Wong Siu Lan were named to the committee as appointed by the Dapsy Sarawak.

Hee, in his speech prior to the election, appealed to all members of Dapsy to actively prepare for the battle and cooperate with other youths in Peninsular Malaysia to prepare for the upcoming state elections in the six states.

“Personally, I am very much encouraging the youth of Sarawak to participate more in the preparation activities of the six state elections.

“I hope that the youths in Sarawak can plan their next journey well and do their best to help the six states to prepare for the coming state election.

“This is not only an obligation as a social youth, but also the best training ground for us to prepare for the coming Sarawak elections.

“Under the common concept of ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’, Dapsy Sarawak, please be ready to fight side by side with the national youth comrades with the most complete attitude, and face the most intense state elections in the six states,” he said.

Dapsy, as the right hand of DAP and the pioneer of social democracy, has no reason to bow to hegemony, let alone surrender to GPS, said Hee.

“We swear to death to defend the interests of the people of Sarawak and resolutely uphold the struggle of the party. Whether it is the unity government in the Federation or the opposition parties in Sarawak, we have no hesitation in defending the well-being of the people.

“We are pioneers, we are fighters! We must not only be brave enough to speak out, but we must be ready to fight and stand up for democracy at all times.

“Next, let us actively participate in the next six state elections, use these six state elections as our training ground, our shooting range, arm ourselves and become stronger. Let us give GPS the hardest and strongest fight in the Sarawak election in the next two to three years,” he added.

According to Hee, Dapsy, like the mother party DAP, aims to build a truly fair, clean and democratic ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’.

“As the pioneer of the party organisation, Dapsy must uphold the spirit of unity and live in harmony with all ethnic groups. At the same time, it must actively form a team covering all ethnic groups to bring more positive contributions to the future development of Malaysia.

“At the same time, I call on all youth comrades who are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities to take the initiative to assume the responsibility of youth leaders and actively promote the party’s policies and development.

“We are not only a young group, but also an innovative and brave group. The social youth insist on speaking out for the disadvantaged groups and sticking to the secular pluralistic values. We must continue to stick to it.

“Keep in faith, believe in change. Change we must, kita boleh (we can)!” he pledged.

May be an image of 14 people, dais and text that says "HARAPAN DAPSY Sarawak State Convention DAPSY SARAWAK COMMITTEE 2023/2025"Front row left to right: Suzanne Wong (Vice Chief), Cindy Yek, (Vice Chief), Peter Hee (Chief), Roderick Wong (Deputy Chief), George Lam (Secretary), Wong King Yii (Treasurer).
Back row left to right: Thomas Yii (Auditor), Velentino Yung (Auditor), Sylvester Lim (Committee), Soo Tian Ren [Jordan] (Head of Political Education Bureau), Chin Fang Chi[Anthony] (Organising Secretary), Julie Wong (Publicity Secretary), Victoria Wong (Committee),
Daphne Chong (Deputy Publicity Secretary), Hwang Fung Sieng (Committee)







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