Nga Kor Ming’s First Year as the Minister of Local Government Development

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Nga Kor Ming’s first year as the Minister of Local Government Development has been marked by a series of remarkable accomplishments. His commitment to affordable housing, smart cities, and the welfare of Malaysians has set the stage for a transformative era in Malaysia.

Let’s explore ten significant accomplishments of Nga Kor Ming’s impactful first year in office.

1. 53% of affordable housing has been completed

The Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) plays a crucial role in providing affordable housing for the people, especially the B40 and M40 groups. Some of the projects led by KPKT include the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) dan Rumah Mesra Rakyat (RMR) for the B40 group, as well as SPNB and PR1MA Housing for the M40 group.

The significance of providing Affordable Homes (RMM) is outlined in the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12), where KPKT has achieved a total of 261,901 RMM units that have been completed or are in the construction phase. This figure represents an accomplishment of 52.38% of the targeted 500,000 RMM units set for the period until June 30, 2023.

Recognising the inadequacies of past housing projects, Minister Nga Kor Ming is resolute in his commitment to constructing homes that are not only affordable but also conducive to a high quality of life.

2. BMW standards for public toilets

For years, Malaysians have lamented the persistent issue of unclean public toilets. Nga Kor Ming has made it a priority to address this concern definitively, envisioning a transformation of Malaysian public toilets into spaces that are BMW—bersih, menawan, wangi (clean, attractive, fragrant).

In line with this vision, the minister has taken proactive measures, conducting random spot checks and instituting a “Toilet of the Year” award to incentivize cleanliness and raise the standards of public restroom facilities.

From January to August 2023, a total of 39% (1,096 units) of public restrooms owned by local authorities and 36% (3,118 units) of privately owned public restrooms have achieved the “BMW” restroom level.

For 2023, a total of RM9.46 million has been approved by KPKT for the repair and upgrading of 153 public toilets (PBT) nationwide.

KPKT calls upon all parties, regardless of government agencies, private entities, or the general public, to collectively play a role and shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of public toilets.

3. Upgrading and elevating BOMBA

The Ministry has demonstrated a commendable commitment to upgrading and elevating the Fire and Rescue services in Malaysia.

One noteworthy aspect of this initiative involves the upgrading of 387 Bomba Quarters. All 387 projects were fully completed on December 6, 2023, with a total expenditure of RM16 million. This was done to ensure more conducive living and working spaces for BOMBA staff and their families.

Additionally, the Ministry has taken proactive steps in building and renovating six Bomba stations. To ensure the new Fire and Rescue Stations operate fully in accordance with the designated Fire Coverage Radius, KPKT, through the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), has successfully constructed four new Fire and Rescue Stations in Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, and Sarawak. Additionally, two Fire and Rescue Stations in Negeri Sembilan and Sabah have been upgraded to meet the community’s needs.

Furthermore, a pivotal aspect of the Ministry’s commitment is the focus on increasing and elevating BOMBA. This involves a multifaceted approach aimed at reinforcing the department’s overall capacity and elevating its status. The Ministry is actively involved in initiatives such as providing advanced training, acquiring modern equipment, and implementing strategic measures to empower BOMBA in effectively carrying out its crucial responsibilities.

Minister of Local Government Development, Nga Kor Ming, has announced that the special annual allowance for Volunteer Bomba Teams will be doubled to RM3,000 this year. Malaysia currently boasts 356 of these teams, whose volunteers have dedicated their services and risked their lives.

4. Crackdown on ‘bird nest’s rooms’

The Local Government Development Ministry has launched an operation to crackdown on commercial premises transformed into cramped rental rooms resembling “bird’s nests” will persist.

“Bird’s nest rooms” were discovered during a spot check to be extremely confined living spaces where one could only enter by crawling due to their narrow dimensions. These rooms lacked windows, relying on a small hole in the wall for ventilation.

Property owners must follow the guidelines and specifications set by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department as well as the relevant local authorities or risk prosecution.

5. Special attention given to floods

The Local Government Development Ministry (KPKT) has allocated RM30 million to local authorities (PBT) nationwide for the maintenance of drains and drainage systems to prevent flash floods.

The Ministry of Local Government and Development (KPKT) has urged local authorities (PBT) to intensify their efforts in maintaining the drainage system to mitigate the risk of flash floods during the current North-east Monsoon (MTL) season in the country.

KPKT directed local authorities to identify vulnerable areas such as ditches, drains, sewers, and reservoirs prone to causing flooding. They were further instructed to conduct cleaning operations in these identified areas to ensure a smoother flow of rainwater.

6. Revived 301 ‘sick’ housing projects, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM28.8 billion.

As of September 30, 2023, a total of 301 ailing and abandoned private housing projects, comprising 38,752 units, have been successfully resolved and revitalized. The Gross Development Value (GDV) for these projects amounts to RM28.88 billion, achieved through the efforts of the Ailing and Abandoned Private Housing Project Task Force (TFST).

In line with the Madani Budget 2024, a special guarantee fund of RM1 billion will be allocated to encourage reputable developers to revive projects that are nearly completed, reaching at least 80% or more.

7. RM50 million allocated for the provision of 3,209 MyKiosk units

KPKT, through the Department of Local Government (JKT), has allocated a total of RM50 million to provide 3,209 MyKiosk units. This initiative is implemented under the principles of the Madani Economic framework by the Unity Government to assist micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in becoming more competitive while enhancing business capabilities.

The MyKiosk initiative offers uniform, safe, comfortable commercial spaces equipped with green elements such as solar energy. Additionally, a free rental rate for the first 6 months will be introduced to ease the burden on targeted business owners.

“The contribution of small traders has never been underestimated by the ministry, instead the improvement in micro-economy has contributed to a positive impression on the country’s economy,” Minister Nga said in a statement. He added MyKiosk also aimed to improve the socio-economic status of the traders by offering low rental rates for the stalls.

8. More than 1600 illegal dumping sites shut down

The Local Government Development Ministry (KPKT) and concession companies have successfully shut down 1,681 illegal dumping sites as of November 15.

Minister Nga Kor Ming from KPKT has urged Malaysians to embrace a circular economy as a means of waste reduction, thereby curbing the opening of additional illegal dumping sites.

“If we don’t change, we will suffer, and the ones that would suffer the most are our children. We are only borrowing this land from our children,” he emphasized.

9. RM50 million to replace worn-out and weak lifts in People’s Housing Projects (PPR) 

A total of RM50 million has been allocated for the initiative of maintenance and replacement of aging lifts in the People’s Housing Program (PPR) and Public Housing. 110 lift units in low-cost stratified public housing around Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Perak, and Penang has been refurbished, and some have been replaced with new lifts for the benefit of 22,648 residents in stratified public housing. All lift projects are expected to be completed in stages by December 2023 and 2024.

10. Upgrading dilapidated markets

The Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) has launched a public market redevelopment initiative by approving a total of RM34.5 million to upgrade 15 dilapidated and outdated public markets throughout Malaysia. The scope of project implementation includes upgrading drainage, floors, piping systems, electrical works, and repairing market roofs.

This initiative aims to enhance the cleanliness, safety, and comfort levels for both traders and market visitors, ultimately breathing new life into worn-out public markets and improving the socio-economic status of local traders.

As the first year concludes, Nga Kor Ming’s tenure has been defined by a proactive and transformative agenda, addressing critical issues and laying the groundwork for a more equitable and sustainable Malaysia. The achievements underscore the minister’s commitment to effective governance, social welfare, and holistic urban development.

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