No need for any escalation or excessive threats on the KK Mart controversy


There is no need for any escalation or excessive threats on the KK Mart controversy that is not productive and will only serve to divide our multiculturalism even further and even hurt the local economy, even impact local workers of all races and backgrounds.

I understand this is an important issue, and should not have happen in the first place. Even as a person of different faith, I would understand how it feels if holy sacrements were symbolised in the same way like in this instance.

That is why I understand the importance of finding a middle ground and a way forward that is best for all parties, addressing the misunderstanding and sensitivities of all parties.

The misunderstanding started through miscommunication between the supplier and the owner, as the owner wasn’t even aware that the socks that are being sent to his shops were designed that way. Upon realising the matter, he took immediate steps to rectify the matter including making a public apology and further steps to allay the concerns and misunderstanding.

Fact of the matter is, UMNO Youth when realising this matter, should have found a better way forward including taking this as an opportunity to bridge the divide rather than actually dividing the people.

We cannot be reactive to any issue and as young leaders we must look at bringing mature politics and policies that integrate and promote social integration rather than threats that divide us.

There are many matters we need focus upon as a country, prioritising the economy and welfare of our people regardless of background.

Let us take this opportunity during the Holy month of Ramadan to learn to find ways to build bridges between one another and strengthen our resolve to focus on the needs of our people and country.

Dr Kelvin Yii
MP Bandar Kuching

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