Thulsi Manogaran, Buntong assemblyperson launches pilot programme to empower young girls with knowledge on reproductive health.

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Recently, in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2024, Buntong assemblyman Thulsi Manogaran hosted a pilot programme for girls known as “Hold Her Hands: Our Girls, Our Future”. This programme aimed to empower girls with an  understanding of the physical and mental changes that come with puberty.

The programme, which was conducted for the first time in SMK Seri Puteri involving 440 students, is also to equip young girls with knowledge of the various health issues related to womanhood such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

The talks were delivered by Buntong Health Clinic’s Family Medicine Specialist Dr Subashini Ambigapathy and Greentown Health Clinic’s dietitian Roopini Padmanabhan.

In a video explaining why this programme is important, Thulsi says that it is important that young girls are given a safe platform to be inquisitive, get information that they need and normalise the conversation about puberty while they go through rapid changes with their bodies.

Thulsi also pointed out that studies had shown early intervention and lifestyle modifications can mitigate risks associated with PCOS and other reproductive health issues.

“Together we can ensure that young girls are empowered to take charge of their reproductive health, leading to a better quality of life throughout their journey to womanhood,” she added.

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