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Yesterday, the Unity Government and Pakatan Harapan officially announced their candidate for the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-elections. The chosen candidate is none other than Saudari Pang Sock Tao! A hardworking, experienced and energetic young woman who is no stranger to politics and service for the people.


In his address to a score of a roaring crowd in Kuala Kubu Baharu, DAP Secretary General lists down the party’s reasons as to why this particular candidate was chosen. He first explains that the filtering process of selecting a candidate is rigorous and taken very seriously. Being that this has been a DAP seat since 2013, with an excellent record of service left by the late Saudari Lee Kee Hiong, a lot is at stake for the party to defend this seat. Hence, Saudara Anthony Loke, with the wisdom of other senior members of the party had a very tough responsibility to shoulder.

He then says, the first criteria in choosing a candidate is that it must be a woman. Seeing as that this seat was previously occupied a woman, it is a duty to continue that legacy here in this by-election. Saudara Anthony also says that representation of women in politics is already low, so we will not reduce the number here in Kuala Kubu Baharu. This shows that the DAP is serious in progressing the number of women be it in the state, or national level.

The other criteria is that not only the candidate is a woman, but a woman that can speak to the future generation. It is important that the DAP selects a young candidate that can continue the legacy and speak to the youth about issues that concern them.

And, the most important part is that this candidate can speak to all fragments of society and can relate to the people with knowledge and experience. We trust that Saudari Pang’s experience in government coupled with her tenacity in spirit can bring the coalition forward during the campaign season and on election day.


Below is Saudari Pang’s brief biodata –

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