MCA Youth can’t tell the difference between e-hailing and DRT

kelvin yii sept 20 2023

MCA Youth should actually stop misleading the public and first learn to differentiate between Demand-Responsive Transit (DRT) and e-hailing licenses when trying to scrutinise the issues surrounding Selangor Mobility.

While we welcome any investigation of wrong-doings into the issue, but MCA Youth is either proving their ignorance or purposefully trying to mislead the public when trying to equate licensing for DRT with normal e-hailing license.

How can they not grasp something so basic when their own President of MCA was the Minister of Transport and the Bus on Demand concept was introduced during his time?

Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD) published a call for proposals for the Bus On Demand proof of concept (POC) on the 1st Sep 2022. Asia Mobiliti submitted their proposal on 8 Nov 2022 and received approval on 22 Dec 2022. Another company applied for such licensing and also received the same approval.

Currently, there is another company KUMPOOL has also been granted licensing from APAD and also will be given authorisation to conduct a proof of concept (POC) for the DRT project aimed at determining the feasibility and viability of that particular product or service.

So there is no question of exclusivity, monopoly or preferential treatment when all companies with the needed license are given a platform and opportunity for their POC with the aim of addressing the last-mile problem when it comes to public transportation.

On top of that, the RM 2.1 mil grant that will be allocated to both companies will be paid in stages according to data submitted and proof of performance and not multi millions as alleged. This is the best way to prove performances and to ensure fund allocated are not abused for other purposes.

While any scrutiny faced by he DRT project is welcomed and part of a healthy democracy, any attempts to spin the facts by MCA Youth is highly irresponsible and shallow. If that is the type of politics MCA youth is trying to bring, it should be rejected by any right-minded Malaysians.

We do not compromise on the standards of accountability demanded by the people. Only by maintaining a consistent and transparent approach can we then ensure public trust and integrity in all of the governmental activities.

Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching
National DAPSY Chief

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