Designate June 10 as the “International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations”

lim lip eng

I endorse the resolution proposed by China to designate June 10 as the “International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations,” which was unanimously adopted by the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly last Friday.

I urge the Malaysian government to fully support the “International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations” and to position Malaysia as a global hub for civilizational exchange. This initiative aims to promote world peace and foster an international community characterized by mutual respect, reduced conflict, and collective progress.
Dialogue among civilizations fosters mutual respect and understanding. When individuals from different backgrounds come together to discuss their traditions, beliefs, and values, they gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s perspectives. This understanding can mitigate conflicts arising from ignorance and prejudice.

Furthermore, dialogue among civilizations significantly contributes to global peace and stability. History has shown that misunderstandings between cultures can lead to conflicts. By encouraging dialogue, Malaysia can create platforms for negotiation and conflict resolution, thereby reducing the likelihood of violent confrontations.
Such dialogue can also enhance international cooperation in addressing global issues, including climate change, terrorism, and economic disparities.

Therefore, I appeal to the government to actively promote this important channel for civilizational exchange. Malaysia can play a significant role in international relations and world peace.

As a nation of diverse races and cultures, Malaysia can serve not only as a vital platform for global civilizational exchange but also as a driving force for international peace and development. Our rich multicultural background provides us with a unique advantage and responsibility in promoting dialogue among civilizations.

Lim Lip Eng
Member of Parliament for Kepong, Malaysia
10 June 2024

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