RM100,000 for the Radiotherapy Unit (RTU) of Radiation and Oncology Services of Sarawak General Hospital for patients’ comfort and privacy


Today, my office allocated RM100,000 to the Radiotherapy Unit(RTU) of Radiation and Oncology Services of Sarawak General Hospital(SGH) to install Heavy Duty Curtains and upgrade their digital facilities in the ward to make sure cancer patients can receive treatment in a comfortable and private environment.

In my previous visits, we were informed of the different needs including the need of these partition curtains so patients can now have more privacy, especially during procedures. Before this, the beds are open with no privacy and may have been a bit uncomfortable for them and even family members.

After understanding the situation, my office allocated RM100,000 to Sarawak General Hospital for the installation of curtains in the ward, and to help upgrade other facilities to alleviate the shortage of equipment in the ward.

On top of that the funds were also used to purchase more digital assets including computers for doctors to be able to do digital discharge sheets for patients which will fasten the discharge process and ease the tracing of these vital information once needed if patients return.

The funds also was used to help with some of the upgrades of numbering system at the oncology clinic. With such upgrades, patients can go for their appointments at the doctors room based on the numbering system which is more efficient and simple with lesser hastle.

Last month, we also contributed a new microwave oven to the Palliative Care Ward of SGH, specifically for family members to heat their non-halal food, so that the patients in the ward can enjoy hot meals at any time.

Since I was elected as a Member of Parliament, I have always paid attention to medical welfare issues in my constituency, especially Sarawak General Hospital, as the leading hospital in Sarawak, must keep up with the times in terms of hardware and software equipment, meet the advanced medical technology indicators, so that medical staff can work efficiently, thereby improving the quality of care for patients.

Last year alone, I allocated RM200,000 through my constituency to improve the nursing services, medical equipment, and supplies at Sarawak General Hospital, including pressure injury prevention equipment for patients, computers for head nurses, and ergonomic chairs for nurses and medical staff.

Two years ago, my office also allocated funds for the purchase of more than 100 units of three-seater visitor chairs for Sarawak General Hospital, so that patients and their families can wait for treatment in a comfortable environment.

We will actively cooperate with the Ministry of Health to continue to strive for the greatest benefits for Sarawak General Hospital and government clinics in the constituency so that the people can enjoy high-quality medical and health services.

Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching

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