In October 1967, a year after its registration as a political party, DAP joined 55 other social democratic, democratic socialist and labour parties all over the world as a member of the Socialist International (SI) at the SI International Conference in Zurich, Switzerland.

As a member of the SI, DAP is one with democratic socialist or social democrats throughout the world fighting for the cause of humanity and social democracy. We are in solidarity with oppressed peoples who oppose unjust wars and production of weapons for war and who advocate peace and prosperity based on equal co-operation aided by scientific knowledge and technical advancement.

However after 50 years with the SI, DAP felt that the organisation needed reforms. With a number of sister parties, DAP demanded serious changes to transform the SI. But it rejected DAP’s proposal. In March 2017, along with other social democratic parties, a new organisation was born. The Progressive Alliance (PA) is a network of more than 130 democratic and progressive political parties – in government and opposition- and organisations from over 100 nations covering all continents.

The PA sets out to transform and transcend the global society and the world economy from the current quandaries and challenges by:

  • Reforming the United Nations and helping it achieve new authority and efficacy;
  • Asserting our democratic values, even against authoritarian tendencies both within and outside of our societies;
  • Strengthening universal and indivisible human rights; and
  • Understanding peace not just as the absence of war and working towards eliminating structural conditions that often make conflicts and war possible, namely: poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.

DAP is also consistent with its international solidarity with peoples fighting for democratic rights including the plight of the Palestinian people. Upholding the principles of freedom, justice and solidarity, DAP will continue to oppose any form of human rights abuses, discrimination and racism anywhere in the world.