The Merdeka Constitution is a secular document, instilled with the principles of democracy, freedom, rule of law, and respect of human rights; and imbued with the ideals of accountability, equality, justice and human dignity.

Such principles can be a force of unity and integration not only between our nation’s disparate races, religions and cultures but also between Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

By espousing these ideals, Malaysians can move forward where democracy and economic development goes together; where freedom does not mean oppression; where equality of opportunity is preferred to equality of outcome; where rule of law ensures social justice; where wealth creation is accompanied by equitable wealth distribution; and where spreading economic prosperity does not breed rampant corruption.


  1. To strive by parliamentary constitutional means for the establishment of a social democracy in Malaysia;
  2. To reaffirm and restore the Malaysian Constitution in its original secular framework as the supreme law of the land which respects democratic values and basic human rights that gives every Malaysian citizen equal and equitable rights;
  3. To promote national integration with Sabah and Sarawak, recognize their special rights and infuse a national spirit and unity amongst all races to forge a common identity of a united Malaysian Malaysia;
  4. To acknowledge the fundamental right of freedom of religion which encompasses the freedom of the respective religions from being subject to oppressive laws and discriminatory acts;
  5. To uphold and affirm Bahasa Malaysia as the national language; and guarantees the obligation duty and right to promote the status, expand learn and use other mother tongue languages including Chinese, Tamil, English and native tongues;
  6. To establish integrity, ethics, compassion as core moral values to promote transparency as well as a liberal approach, mutual respect and understanding of our diverse cultural traditions and religious beliefs;
  7. To advance preserve and protect the sovereignty and integrity of an independent Malaysia;
  8. To promote an ASEAN community based on good governance, democracy and respect of human rights, and to preserve the region as a nuclear-free region revolving around peace, freedom and neutrality;
  9. To promote, expand and enlarge democracy at all levels, particularly restoring local government elections, to give form and substance to people empowerment and participation in decision-making based on the principles of equality, free, fair and independent electoral process as well as freedom of the press;
  10. To grant equal opportunity and spread economic prosperity for all premised on value creation in a competitive market and an economic order that places equal emphasis on wealth creation and an equitable wealth distribution;
  11. To pledge to improve educational standards based strictly on merits and needs, and provide full access and equal opportunities at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, especially knowledge-based IT sectors;
  12. To protect workers and trade union rights under a framework of a right to work, provide for a fair and decent wage of workers and maintain their real wages to ensure prosperity and a decent standard of living for all;
  13. To eliminate all forms of gender bias against women in employment, education and health;
  14. To empower youths by giving them choice and access to power whilst instilling in them a sense of duty and responsibility;
  15. To secure justice and security for all by upholding the rule of law, establishment and protection of safe neighbourhoods and secure communities;
  16. To institutionalize accountability and transparency that checks corruption and financial malpractices as well as establish integrity and trust in governance;
  17. To offer affordable, accessible and accountable public health services that guarantees the needs of the sick, infirm and aged; and
  18. To prevent further environmental degradation and destruction to preserve our natural heritage that is clean, healthy and safe.