Central Executive Committee Resolutions Presented in Party National Conference 2014


The DAP National conference acknowledges with a strong measure of humility & urgency,

  • That over the near five decades of the existence of the DAP, it has transitioned into party befitting of a government in waiting that congregates an increasingly broad range of social forces that share the vision of a non-racial, non-corrupt, socially just and democratic Malaysia.
  • That there are a range of global, regional, domestic, inter-coalition parties and intra-party challenges that need to be addressed which impact on the party and the nation – the DAP needs to strengthen its ability to respond creatively to these factors and the fast changing realities of our time; and lead the way in bringing Social Justice , Equitable Prosperity and Universal Solidarity among all Malaysians.

The DAP 2014 National Conference thereby resolves;


  1. That as a people, Malaysians have been crippled by a double tragedy of MH17 and MH370 in the past year; and DAP STANDS IN UNCONDITIONAL SOLIDARITY with each and every one affected regardless of race, religion and creed.
  2. That the party has been hit hard by the passing of three elected lawmakers, who are also party leaders whose seniority is not merely in their party positions and years dedicated to our shared struggle, but also in their friendship, love and memories; that Sdr Karpal Singh, Sdr Wong Ho Leng & Sdr Seah Leong Peng be REMEMBERED, CHERISHED AND ETCHED IN THE HEARTS of all who knew them till the end of time.


  1. To CALL for the government to re-evaluate whether or not the dreams and aspirations of Sabahans and Sarawakians have been fulfilled after five decades of Malaysia; and RESPECT views that there is a need to reassess the arrangements between said States with the Federation through an in-depth review of the Malaysian Agreement.
  2. To EXPRESS UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT, disbelief, disquiet and dismay towards the report released on the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah (RCIIIS)’; to REPEAT our call for it be tabled and debated in Parliament and the Sabah State Assembly to hold accountable those involved, and to make public all wrongdoings that have infringed upon and insulted the citizenship rights of those deservant of it.
  3. To COMMEND the spirit and bravery of the armed forces personnel who fought against the foreign insurgents in the Lahad Datu incursion and demand the government to fortify border security with a specific focus on the East coast of Sabah; to PRESSURE for an extensive re-evaluation of military procurement processes in ensuring transparency and our Malaysian troops have the best equipment to defend our land.
  4. To RESPECT the spirit behind Keningau Oath Stone that forms the three bases of formation of Malaysia in 1963; freedom of religion, the right of land to the state, and to respect and uphold the cultures and heritage of the aboriginal people in Sabah.


  1. To COMMIT in building the capacities of all members, to become messengers of social democracy as well as to build an ever-ready bench of future leaders; to continue to STRENGTHEN the currently elected party leadership and law makers towards DAP being Malaysia’s foremost Party of Ideas & Solutions.
  2. To not only REAFFIRM DAP’s own, but to staunchly ADVOCATE all Pakatan Rakyat component party’s commitment to uphold the Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy Framework, the Buku Jingga, as well as The Shah Alam Declaration; and STRESS that DAP will stand firm in upholding the Pakatan Rakyat longstanding agreement of not including the implementation of Hudud in neither its legislative nor governance agenda, whether at state or national level.
  3. To REAFFIRM our party founding struggles of realising a Malaysian Malaysia, by laying out a clear path towards a new social, political and economic narrative where race based representation is obsolete and no longer necessary.
  4. To REDOUBLE OUR EFFORTS in growing the party, in exploring frontiers of support previously uncharted, yet at the same time CONSOLIDATE the party’s existing support base by continuing the culture of openness and inclusiveness; reiterating that DAP is for all Malaysians.


  1. To HOLD STEADFAST AND UNSHAKING in the project of Malaysianising Malaysia, where each of us PLEDGE to continue being driven and propelled by our commonalities; EMBRACE the strengths found in our diversity, and be uplifted by celebrating and seeing the beauties in our differences.
  2. To SUPPORT wide-ranging reforms of the National Education system; including to EMBRACE vernacular education as a strength that cultivates a true Malaysian identity; and CONDEMN unequivocally UMNO’s fanning of racial sentiments by denigrating the right to mother tongue education as enshrined in the Federal Constitution; REITERATE our call for the recognition of UEC and systematic allocations for vernacular education.


  1. To INTENSIFY CALLS for true democratisation in all facets of Malaysian life, including the authority of the police, the information process, the economic order, cultural life, education and local governance; with strong emphasis on the revivial of an elected local government
  2. To CONDEMN Barisan Nasional’s high handed political persecution by prosecution, apparent in their refusal to repeal archaic laws such as the Sedition Act despite having promised to do so leading up to the last General elections; CRITICISE the Prime Minister for his disingenuous and deceitful use of the term ‘Moderate’, as seen with the case of Sdr Anwar Ibrahim and many more who are facing charges and EXPRESS FULL SOLIDARITY with them all, .
  3. To REGALVANISE the electorate in voicing their dissatisfactions on the imbalances of electoral representation; and REPEAT OUR STRONG DEMANDS of a truly independent Election Commission, in the view of the impending constitutionally required electoral constituency delimitation exercise.
  4. To CALL TO QUESTION the absolute power to prosecute or otherwise vested in the Attorney General (AG), in view of longstanding controversies and recent developments revealing its non-accountable nature and its susceptibility to power abuse ; and to PROPOSE sweeping reforms in it appointment and selection process.
  5. To REAFFIRM the call to establish IPCMC to restore public confidence in our police force in view of the increasingly high number of custodial death in Malaysia.
  6. In view of the Chairmanship of ASEAN being held by Malaysia commencing 2015, URGE that the Malaysian government take the lead in affecting a regional Security Sector Reform to COMBAT silent and subtle threats to peace processes and human rights, worsening cross border crime, human trafficking and; CONDEMN unreservedly the IS movement currently infiltrating Malaysian Society and calls for the Government to delay no more all necessary action in stamping out the its agenda of spreading militant theocracy.
  7. To REAFFIRM our continued call for the provision of prosecutive powers to the MACC , and the transfer of the MACC from the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department to the Parliament in ensuring a serious and impartial fight against corruption.


  1. To ENSURE that economic development is consistent with environmentally sound policies that are sustainable and will not cause economic and social harm in the long term.
  2. To TRANSITION the current Malaysian economy away from one that is heavily dependent on carbon based fuel to an economy that prioritises renewable energy sources, promotes energy efficiency and advances green technology.
  3. To IMPLEMENT and CHAMPION water conservation policies in order to reduce water consumption per capita and reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW); to ACKNOWLEDGE the hugely successful water governance story of Penang as an example.


  1. To CONDEMN the use of the UUCA to stifle freedom of association and expression of varsity students, and to silent young voices of conscience and dissent through authoritarian prohibitions of reasonable political discourse and debates.
  2. To WELCOME AND APPLAUD the recent unanimous decision made by the three honourable appeal court judges, to affirm that Orang Asli in the peninsula have rights under the common law over their ancestral land.


  1. To ACKNOWLEDGE and CHAMPION the concept of Decent Work For All as formulated by the International Labour Organisation, which has forged an international consensus among governments, employers, workers, unions and civil society; that productive employment and Decent Work are key elements to achieving a fair globalization complemented by localisation, reducing poverty and achieving equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development
  2. To CONDEMN all variations of socio-economic and political discrimination against women and youth; in addition to any forms of oppression that may arise in matters concerning governance and policies
  3. To CONDEMN any form of human trafficking, particularly in the context of the currently rampant illegal sex trade, and other forms of migrant exploitations; UPHOLD universal equality and utmost safety at a workplace regardless of nationality or position held.
  4. To VALUE fair distribution of economic opportunities, career and personal development and realize that these are key influencing factors that can lead to positive reform which can be achieved by developing a solid machinery to guarantee first rate gender monitoring and gender sensitive decision making
  5. To ADVOCATE for positive progression and development by forming sound policies to ensure gender balanced participation and logical decision making that is reflective of healthy and ethical choices; the proposed minimum 30% women’s quota is testament to DAP’s sincerity and seriousness in increasing women’s representation in politics.
  6. To EMPOWER & FOSTER a sense of control, self-determination, self-reliance and autonomy within women and youth communities by; embracing principled values, liberal education and supporting moral growth leads to positive communal development that can help tackle radicalism, extremism and other forms of despotism by instilling a strong sense of camaraderie – regardless of religion, race or gender
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  1. To URGE General Prayuth Chan-ocha of Thailand, in his capacity as the military chief of the country who led the coup against a democratically elected government in May this year, to immediately return to free and fair general elections so that the people of Thailand will be granted suffrage after the suspension of democracy in the country following the coup.
  2. To EXPRESS CONCERN that certain undemocratic clauses of the Myanmar constitution drafted under military junta rule, such as the barring of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi from contesting in the presidential election and 25% parliamentary quota for the junta and allies, are still in place; thereby expressing solidarity with all in Myanmar who working towards the removal of said clauses.

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