Bulletin Archive - July 2006

31/07/2006 Prevent railway reserve from being used as criminal conduit
31/07/2006 IGP must have guidelines for private security system
31/07/2006 Bukit Lanjan ADUN YB Yong Dai Ying was criticized by UMNO Councillor
29/07/2006 Khairy Jamaluddin Should Be Awarded The Oscar For Best Actor
29/07/2006 Abdullah Must Respond To Dr Mahathir Most Serious Allegations Of Corruption
29/07/2006 Shame to the university's reputation
29/07/2006 Will the teaching of the subject be suspended until further notice?
29/07/2006 Zam’s “Declaration of War” against the media
28/07/2006 End of 31-month “false dawn” of Abdullah premiership?
28/07/2006 Musa Aman Must Explain Why Did He Defied The PM's Order
27/07/2006 Does Petronas care for Malaysians?
27/07/2006 Widening gap between the promise and the reality
27/07/2006 Teargas attack on Mahathir in KB Airport despicable
27/07/2006 Media freedom and MSC Bill of Guarantee of “no internet censorship” facing  critical test
27/07/2006 Call on Abdullah to withdraw his ban on Article 11 and inter-faith forums
26/07/2006 New coupon system proposal a devise to increase parking fee by 30%

How to change lifestyle when there are no proper public transportation system in place?

26/07/2006 Is the curtain for greater openness, accountability and transparency pledged by Abdullah coming down?
25/07/2006 All university lecturers should be sent to a compulsory course on  Ethnic Relations
25/07/2006 UPM should have the courage to listen to opinions from civil society and the people
25/07/2006 Hishammuddin is Wrong to Say that Article 121(1A) Makes Malaysia An Islamic State
24/07/2006 Azalina’s statement is an open defiance of the Prime Minister
23/07/2006 The second round of Mahathir-Abdullah political tussle is probably the most important and decisive one
23/07/2006 Why did Mustapha announce a committee of inquiry only on Saturday after I had emailed him the videoclip?
22/07/2006 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Should Be Renamed University Play-Acting Malaysia
22/07/2006 Higher Education Ministry and university quality in Malaysia an international  joke
22/07/2006 Mustapha has not to condone the indefensible with his continued silence and refusal to condemn mob rule

Will the 35-year-old Puspahanas project ever be implemented?

21/07/2006 Mustapha should prove his mettle in his second test as  Higher Education Minister
21/07/2006 Truly open tender & monitoring of the 880 projects under 9MP
20/07/2006 Mustapha should direct full investigation into Monday’s UPM incident of assault and unruly conduct
20/07/2006 How can Malaysian universities become  world-class centres of academic excellence?
19/07/2006 Is the post of Higher Education Minister jinxed?
19/07/2006 Some burning issues for Abdullah to tackle
19/07/2006 Polis harus siasat pihak yang bertanggungjawab untuk modul pengajaran Hubungan Etnik
18/07/2006 A Commission of Inquiry to ascertain the causes and events of May 13, 1969 riots
18/07/2006 Mustapha will undermine all efforts to raise university excellence
18/07/2006 Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi harus memberhentikan pengajaran subjek Hubungan Etnik
17/07/2006 Do not harp on trivial but sensitive matters which cause disunity
17/07/2006 Abdullah must shoot down the first “white elephant” project of his premiership
17/07/2006 Glorify UMNO and poison the minds of the new generation against Opposition and dissent
16/07/2006 Abdullah should set his face against mega-projects and massive expenditures
15/07/2006 Both Sports Minister Datuk Azalina and Her Deputy Datuk Liow Tiong Lai should Resign
14/07/2006 The Higher Education Ministry Should Direct All Public Universities To Withdraw The Textbook For The Subject Ethnic Relations
14/07/2006 Open call to all elected representative in Petaling Jaya to support the initiatives and struggles of the residents in demanding for transparency and accountability in Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya
14/07/2006 The power struggle between Dr M and Abdullah gives Malaysians an opportunity to know the truths behind some scandals and wrongdoings of the BN Government.
14/07/2006 There are no signs of any political will to amend UUCA to free lecturers and students
13/07/2006 Malaysian universities, Universities and University Colleges' Act (AUKU), educational excellence?
13/07/2006 All plans for RM490 million Sports Training Centre outside London should be frozen
12/07/2006 60% professors and lecturers have Ph.D.s by 2010?
12/07/2006 Time for full and total disclosure of the RM30 billion Bank Negara forex losses
11/07/2006 Lim Si Cheng should not under any circumstances “protect” the government
11/07/2006 MyKad Should be a Card of convenience, not punishment
10/07/2006 Are  information from MOHE about students who failed to get places in public universities being sold to the private sector?

Without going into the suit and counter-suit, fundamental governance questions and public interest issues warrants immediate attention by Parliament

10/07/2006 MyKad Harus Merupakan Kad yang Memberi Kemudahan, bukan Hukuman
09/07/2006 Pindaan AUKU – KPT harus bersikap liberal terhadap pendapat dan pandangan daripada pelbagai pihak
09/07/2006 DAP will provide free legal service to challenge constitutionality of  obnoxious,  draconian and unjust NRR
08/07/2006 No Royal Commission for mega-financial scandals – why Najib so quick "on-the-draw"
07/07/2006 Police stand that it no longer objects to IPCMC most welcome and commendable
07/07/2006 Urgent motion for Royal Commission of Inquiry into multi-billion ringgit  Tajudin-MAS buy-out and sell-back
07/07/2006 MBPJ= Majlis Billboard Petaling Jaya?
07/07/2006 In Memory of C.V.Devan Nair - A President. A Unionist. A Humanist.
07/07/2006 A Public Request - DBKK Car Park
06/07/2006 Cabinet next week must set up Royal Commission of Inquiry into RM1.8 billion  Tajuddin-MAS bailout
06/07/2006 Transparency in assessing the compensations for the cancellation of the Johor half-bridge project
05/07/2006 Jasin MP should volunteer to appear before Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity on his allegation
05/07/2006 Rang Undang-undang Pelindung perlu melalui proses rundingan yang terperinci dan mendalam
04/07/2006 Kerajaan Malaysia Digesa Untuk Memainkan Peranan Gigih Dalam Konflik Israel Palestin
04/07/2006 Selangor Registrar Of Societies(ROS) Have Shown Ignorance And Bias Against DAP
03/07/2006 Who is speaking and telling the truth?
03/07/2006 Gerbang Perdana in a “Head I win, Tail You Lose” situation asking for RM360 million compensation
03/07/2006 The Government Should Respond To The Outrageous Attempt By The Contractors
02/07/2006 Cabinet should present White Paper in Parliament giving full, proper and satisfactory explanation
01/07/2006 Ministers, Deputy Ministers,  Parl Secretaries and  BN MPs are committing parliamentary contempt
01/07/2006 Customs DG and Jasin MP should be summoned  to appear before Parliamentary Select Committee
01/07/2006 Malaysia Will Never Qualify For The World Cup