Bulletin Archive - January 2005

31/1/2005 Johor Local council list not announced yet
31/1/2005 Salah guna wang rakyat untuk makan angin
31/1/2005 Chinese New Year to become a nation-wide diesel nightmare?
31/1/2005 MPs consultation forum - all Ministers should emulate Samy Vellu
30/1/2005 Guidelines & Prior Approval For “Official” Overseas Trips
30/1/2005 Destroy breeding sites of Aedesin in the country / Hapuskan tempat-tempat pembiakan nyamuk aedes
30/1/2005 Prosecute companies supplying water unfit for human consumption
29/1/2005 Crisis of Higher Education - Centre of excellence or mediocrity
28/1/2005 Punishing legal wokers to accomodate illegal workers?
28/1/2005 NSE "overstaying fine" - Samy wrong as Cabinet cannot make "final decision"
28/1/2005 Courtesy campaign - tragic, horrific, disgusting failures
27/1/2005 Drop In Foreign Students - reversable trend
27/1/2005 Make public power outage report
26/1/2005 Works Minister don't know what is in NSE concession agreement
26/1/2005 One S'wak federal dep. minister told a lie, denying ACA probe - who?
25/1/2005 Mandatory jail for illegal VCD peddlers? Stop the frenzy!
25/1/2005 Long-term Anti-Denggi Campaign, no bureaucracy,ovitraps / Kempen anti-denggi jangka panjang
25/1/2005 Abdullah - name the two deputy ministers being investigated by ACA
25/1/2005 Egyptian Junket - Selangor PAC should thank Ng Suee Lin
24/1/2005 Withdraw PLUS' twin benefit
24/1/2005 Review the functions of the Energy Commission
24/1/2005 Luxury Egypt junket - replace all BN Selangor PAC members
23/1/2005 North-South Expressway - mother of "piratisation" in Malaysia
22/1/2005 NSE "overstay fine" - Is Samy Minister for PLUS or 25 million Malaysians?
22/1/2005 Blackout rebate - TNB model GLC/CSR?
21/1/2005 Refocus on unfair toll and unfair privatisation
21/1/2005 No compenstion from TNB - punish officials involved
21/1/2005 Need independent consultant for outage explanation of TNB CEO / Perunding bebas harus meneliti penjelasan CEO TNB
20/1/2005 Ramanathan's acquittal - appoint fit and proper persons as Judges
20/1/2005 A MAS time bomb?
20/1/2005 Publicly-Funded RM 1 Million Around The World Holiday Disguised As Working Visit
20/1/2005 Parliamentary Select Committee on Water - "half a loaf better than no bread"
20/1/2005 24-hr ultimatum to PLUS - withdraw arbitrary "fine" on motorists for "overstaying"
19/1/2005 Keng Yaik - be first to introduce RIAs for the two water legislation
19/1/2005 Restore Local Government Elections- memo to Ong Ka Ting
18/1/2005 Pastikan bekalan air bermutu tinggi dengan harga yang berpatutan / Water, Scrutiny, World heritage, Extension of Retirement Age,Constitutional Amendment
17/1/2005 PM Wrong In Opposing The Disarming Of Enforcement Personnel
17/1/2005 Tsunami public inquuiry - fair, non-partisan, efficient post-disaster relief
17/1/2005 Siti Norma as Chief Judge - dispel perception women excluded from highest judicial offices
17/1/2005 Parliamentary Select Committee on water federalisation and privatisation
16/1/2005 Reconsider the decision to give firearms to non-police and non-army enforcement personnel / Mempertimbangkan semula keputusan untuk melengkapkan penguatkuasa bukan polis dan bukan tentera dengan senjata api
16/1/2005 Power outage - why TNB failed to act on consultant's report last year
16/1/2005 Abdullah should immediately suspend firearms for enforcement officers
16/1/2005 Stop the rot - government delivery system breaking down
15/1/2005 Build More Medical And Professional Colleges To Prevent Brain-Drain
15/1/2005 Power blackout - DAP wants emergency Parliament debate on Tuesday
15/1/2005 Dengue epidemic 2002 - Chua Jui Meng had falsified data
14/1/2005 Perak water tariff increase - make public Price Waterhouse Cooper report
14/1/2005 Joseph Salang the Sarawak deputy minister under ACA probe?
13/1/2005 Federalisation of water management - DAP considers constitutional challenge in court
13/1/2005 Blackout- Tenaga should compensate consumers' losses
13/1/2005 Sarawak deputy minister under ACA probe - 1 down and 4 to go!
12/1/2005 Dengue alert - Health Ministry website still in bullock-cart age
12/1/2005 US$8 billion tsunami aid - check corruption
12/1/2005 Name the Sarawak Federal deputy minister under ACA probe
11/1/2005 Making Democracy An Integral Part Of  Our Malaysian Identity
11/1/2005 Tsunami catastrophe - convene unprecedented joint NAM -OIC meeting
10/1/2005 What dengue alert when Health Ministry not on alert?
8/1/2005 Malaysian Parliament as first in the world to debate tsunami catastrophe on 17/1
8/1/2005 Tsunami aid - ensure no tsunami of corruption in Indonesia
7/1/2005 Shahrir should resign as PAC Chairman - incompatible with PNS Chairman
7/1/2005 Tsunami aid - payout within 10 days and parliamentary debate
6/1/2005 US$1-2 billion tsunami aid from OIC oil-rich Arab countries?
5/1/2005 10 X-files for the year 2004
5/1/2005 Sacking of Thai chief meterologist and tsunami public inquiry in Malaysia
5/1/2005 Aid to tsunami victims - dispense with "big-shot government politicians"
4/1/2005 Tsunami disaster - call for meaningful ceasefire in Aceh civil war
4/1/2005 National Disservice?
3/1/2005 Divert foreign tsunami aid to Aceh and Sri Lanka
3/1/2005 Remove PLUS’ Twin Benefits
2/1/2005 Humanitarian mission to Aceh Ground Zero - Option to National Service Trainees
2/1/2005 US should pledge 40% of global tsunami aid between US$6-8 billion
1/1/2005 Int. tsunami summit in Jakarta on Thursday - Pak Lah should attend