Bulletin Archive - October 2004


30/10/2004 Next 12 months more difficult for Pak Lah
29/10/2004 TNB - reduce your Forex loss instead of increase tariffs!
28/10/2004 Strict Enforcement instead of Cash Reward Against Corrupt Immigration Officials
28/10/2004 What's the reason for the four-and-a-half-year delay in Prima Selayang project? / Apakah sebab kelambatan empat tahun setengah projek Prima Selayang?
28/10/2004 FOI Act - best way to mark Pak Lah's anniversary as PM
27/10/2004 Amend Act, exempt all cemeteries' tax
27/10/2004 78 mati akibat sesak nafas - Negeri Thai mesti bertanggungjawab
27/10/2004 Thaksin Shinawatra must speed up the peace process to prevent further tragedy in Thailand’s troubled south
27/10/2004 84 deaths in South Thailand - Malaysia/ASEAN fact-finding missions
26/10/2004 RM400 million MATRADE scandal -- more than one Minister must resign
26/10/2004 New Parliament Speaker - PM should consult Opposition
26/10/2004 'Bajet Berimbang' Melaka Sebenarnya Bajet Defisit
25/10/2004 Ketelusan Dan Akauntabiliti Kewangan Dapat Menjaminkan Kejayaan Melaka Menegakkan
25/10/2004 Vientiane ASEAN Summit - Review 7-yr Myanmar "constructive engagement"
24/10/2004 5 Priority Economic Areas To Overcome The Worsening Financial Position Of Malaysians
24/10/2004 Anti-Corruption post-2004 TI CPI - two key proposals
24/10/2004 Peranan parti-parti politik dan NGO ke arah kestabilan politik, keutuhan ekonomi dan kesejahteraan rakyat
24/10/2004 Developer should hand over houses in specified time to the buyers
23/10/2004 Allow ACA To Act Independently, Make Corruption A Common Platform For National Unity
22/10/2004 We welcome Suhakam's visit to assess the real situation of Medan Kidd bus terminal issue
22/10/2004 November Vientiane ASEAN Summit - expel or suspend Myanmar
22/10/2004 Make public Report to Cabinet on 6 projects
21/10/2004 Arrest of Khin Nyunt - demand direct explanation from Burma military government
21/10/2004 2004 TI CPI wake-up call - Malaysia more corrupt than past year
21/10/2004 Samy picked on SCAH - DAP offer legal help
20/10/2004 Make Petronas accountable to Parliament
20/10/2004 Withold Legal Action Until The Finance Ministry Resolves The Chinese Cemeteries Tax Controversy
20/10/2004 Myanmar palace coup - abort rotation of ASEAN Chair 2006
20/10/2004 Restore dignity/status of Datuks
20/10/2004 Ill-starred projects - Samy must convince Malaysians and not just PM
19/10/2004 Ketua Menteri Melaka Tidak Berkomited Menentang Masalah Politik Wang
19/10/2004 DOE rejects the Broga landfill's EIA report
17/10/2004 Chinese Cemeteries - MCA Should Act Decisively And Not Backtrack On The Basic Principle
17/10/2004 Kaji sistem empowerment, Projeks rosak / Review empowerment system
15/10/2004 Kit Siang grieved by the death of Tun Zahir Ismail
13/10/2004 Works Ministry scandals - DAP calls for Parliamentary Select Committee
12/10/2004 Set Clear Qualifying Criteria for Datukship
12/10/2004 Socialist International expresses solidarity  with Karpal
11/10/2004 Datuks and the stone - second richochet
11/10/2004 Masalah Hak Milik Strata
7/10/2004 Flaws that cause a new hospital to close down were "normal in big projects"?
7/10/2004 DAP calls for Orang Asli as Deputy Minister to reform JHEOA
6/10/2004 Lesson of artificial Jeff Ooi/Screenshots ruckus
6/10/2004 3 Priority Areas That Asia’s Best Finance Ministers Need To Urgently Address
6/10/2004 "Third World Mentality" - Cabinet setting worst example
5/10/2004 May 13 “A History Lesson” - threat to national unity
5/10/2004 Malaysia should ratify ICC
5/10/2004 Ucapan Ahli Parlimen kawasan Seputih
4/10/2004 DAPSY Johor urge Independent Inquiry on Hospital Sultan Ismal
4/10/2004 Ucapan Ahli Parlimen kawasan Seputih
3/10/2004 2Ks' attack on Jeff Ooi/Screenshots - barking up the wrong tree
2/10/2004 Without full democratisation, no Malaysian identity
1/10/2004 Fuel price increase - DAP to hold public forums
1/10/2004 MRR2 cracks - Is Samy prepared to eat humble pie?