Bulletin Archive - Sept 2005


29/9/2005 Change brings life in medical education in Malaysia
29/9/2005 The mill must get by going in all Malaysian government departments
29/9/2005 Minister-Please Give Full and Complete Explanation
29/9/2005 How to Save the Multibillion Offshore Patrol Vehicle (OPV) Project?
29/9/2005 The post of “Deputy EXCO” in Negeri Sembilan: Unconstitutional and Downright Ridiculous!
29/9/2005 Ucapan Di Dewan Rakyat-Menangani Wabak Denggi Terbaru, Jangan Terus Alpa dan Cuai!
29/9/2005 Refer Dr Hilmi To The Committee Of Privileges!
28/9/2005 Memohon Membahaskan Usul Tergempar Wabak Penyakit Demam Denggi
28/9/2005 Finance Minister Gave Conflicting and Misleading Figures!
28/9/2005 Gamuda Sells Houses Before Obtaining Advertisement and Sale Permit
28/9/2005 Ucapan YB Teresa Kok dalam Perbahasan Rang Undang-undang Keluarga Islam (Wilayah Persekutuan) 2005
28/9/2005 Health Ministry- Why Dengue Epidemic An Annual Affair?
28/9/2005 Rafidah - the Imperial Minister
27/9/2005 Memorandum Submitted to Natseven TV Sdn Bhd by DAPSY
27/9/2005 Government-Go the whole hog with improving the processing mechanism for strata titles
27/9/2005 Rafidah Not Referred To Parliamentary Privilege Committee- DAPSY Disappointed
25/9/2005 The Savings of RM 563.5 Million-Nothing to Be Happy About
24/9/2005 Substantial Allocation for Maintenance of School and University Buildings
24/9/2005 Myanmar - Suspend from ASEAN if no progress in 12 months
24/9/2005 Rafidah has become a "bad apple" in Cabinet
23/9/2005 Refer Rafidah to Privileges Committee - Speaker should give precedence for Monday debate
23/9/2005 Why Stop Wa!FM?
22/9/2005 The Xu Jian Huang Murder Trial Controversy
21/9/2005 Personal Vendetta By An Expelled DAP Member
21/9/2005 Professor P. Ramasamy-Appointed To The DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) As International DAP Secretary
20/9/2005 Hishamuddin- Restore RM895.4 Million And RM 91 Million In Development Funds!
19/9/2005 Hold a Free, Fair and Democratic Election
19/9/2005 Government-Pay More Attention to The Renewable Energy!
19/9/2005 Pampasan dihadkan kepada RM60,000 di Bawah Sistem Insuran Deposit-Keyakinan Rakyat Terjejas!
19/9/2005 Should not order Wah-FM to go off-air temporarily!
19/9/2005 Shafie’s reaction to the allegations of scare tactics and biased regulations in the upcoming campus elections is ridiculous
17/9/2005 Reduce outage and enhance work practices in Malaysia
16/9/2005 Chan Boon Heng - educational neglect literally kills
15/9/2005 Preparations for better delivery at KL City Hall
15/9/2005 DAP responds to Hishammuddin's withdrawal of UMNO Youth cartoon - taking down
15/9/2005 Open new front against corruption - Opposition-headed Parliamentary Select Committee on National Integrity
14/9/2005 Emergency motion-Poor Condition Of Chinese & Tamil Primary Schools & Need For Adequate Development Allocation
14/9/2005 Penggunaan Senjata Api M 16 di Program Latihan Khidmat Negara- Relevan?
14/9/2005 Hishammuddin-At least another RM1.5 billion to be allocated for SJK(C)s and SJK(T)s!
13/9/2005 Urgent need for codes of ethics in construction industry
11/9/2005 Let Us Remember V. David
11/9/2005 UMNO Youth- Committed Criminal Defamation!
11/9/2005 Government- Tell the Details about Goods and Service Tax (GST)!
11/9/2005 Kerajaan Selangor dan MPS-Penjelasan ke atas Projek Pembangunan Taman Templer Diperlukan!
10/9/2005 Selangor As A Developed State A Lie!
10/9/2005 Pak Lah-The Human Development Indicator (HDI) For Malaysia Has Dropped!
09/9/2005 MIC representatives– Be More Rational in Fostering National Unity and Integration
09/9/2005 Memorandum Mengenai Isu Perpaduan Nasional- Oleh Jawatan Kuasa Perhubungan DAP Negeri Johor
09/9/2005 Upgrade Malaysia's Education System- Improve English Teaching
09/9/2005 Suhakam human rights public inquiry - 22 yrs of Mahathir
09/9/2005 New MAS's CEO-Your First Step:Restore Public Confidence & Return MAS's Profitability
08/9/2005 Press Conference Statement By Professor P. Ramasamy
08/9/2005 DAP welcomes Professor P. Ramasamy’s decision to join the DAP
08/9/2005 Cut In Road Tax-Still Not Comparable To What Malaysians Can Share From The Profits Earned By Petronas
07/9/2005 Parliamentary Human Rights Caucus observers for campus elections
07/9/2005 Slam on MPK for confiscating 277 cans and bottles of beer.
07/9/2005 Wrongful treatment of Tunku during Tun Hussein Onn's premiership
06/9/2005 Zero Opposition is Equivalent to Zero Democracy and Zero Hope For All Malaysian
06/9/2005 Hisham – gonna say sorry for UMNO Youth  keris episodes?
06/9/2005 What Is The Standard of English At All Levels of Education?
06/9/2005 UMNO Youth-Willing to Improve The People’s Economic Well-being And Democratic Freedoms Enshrined In Our Struggle For Merdeka?
05/9/2005 Khairy Jamaluddin has twisted my statement on the history of Merdeka: Challenge Khairy for a public debate on where I rejected Tunku Abdul Rahman as Bapa Merdeka.
05/9/2005 Khairy - emulate Tunku instead of being an ultra
04/9/2005 Government must improve its monitoring mechanism against inflation!
03/9/2005 Retirement Age of Civil Servants Should Be Increased to 60
03/9/2005 Free, fair and clean varsity student elections - foundation for nation of integrity
02/9/2005 The real fighters for MERDEKA
02/9/2005 Democracy-The only form of government consistent with all human freedoms and human rights
02/9/2005 Shafie axed from Cabinet - no loss
02/9/2005 Challenge Mustapa Mohamed to An Open Public Debate On Malaysia’s Energy Policy
02/9/2005 Speech at the “Higher Education In Crisis” Forum
01/9/2005 Weeping Rafidah embracing Mahathir - no answer to APs scandal
01/9/2005 The 107% Drop In Proton’s Net Profits- The Government Must Explain!