Bulletin Archive - March 2005

31/3/2005 Projek-projek Bermasalah Kerajaan Negeri Melaka
31/3/2005 Islam Hadhari & kewatakan hakiki negara Malaysia
31/3/2005 Perilaku Peruntukan Yang Akauntable Dan Telus
31/3/2005 20,000 Indian Women Without IC, Marriage Certs
31/3/2005 Govt Should Act Immediately To Help Pensioners
30/3/2005 Give back the “third vote” to the people
30/3/2005 Pengesahan CFO Oleh Arkitet Pakar Perunding Bangunan
29/3/2005 South Indian Labour Fund (SILF)
29/3/2005 No extension of PLUS NSE concession without parliamentary consultation and consent (versi B. Malaysia)
29/3/2005 "Punish the parents for drug abuse by children" : Government passes the buck to parents?
28/3/2005 Ali Rustam Harus Menarik Balik Kenyataan Bahawa SRJK© Baru Tidak Patut Dibina
28/3/2005 80,000 Unemployed Graduates - Policy Failures
28/3/2005 Urgent motion - no 8-yr extension of NSE concession without Parliament consent
25/3/2005 8-yr extension of PLUS' NSE concession - refer to Parliament first
25/3/2005 Bumi equity in foreign eateries: another blow to Malaysia's image
24/3/2005 Temerloh Hospital,debate royal address / Hospital Temerloh,debat titah diraja Ahli Parlimen kepong
24/3/2005 Acute shortage of SJKCs is not the real crisis of Chinese Primary Education in the country
24/3/2005 ASEAN Chair 2006 should not go to Myanmar  (versi B. Malaysia)
24/3/2005 Best Malaysia Brand is for Abdullah to honour pledges
24/3/2005 Adverse effect of "929 Declaration" on inter-religious dialogue (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Malaysia should officially recognise International Mother Language Day  (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Verdict on first two years of Abdullah as PM may not be rosy (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Parliamt reform 1 year after - great disappointment  (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Param Cumaraswamy Royal Commission on Judicial Reform (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Corruption index - shame if Malaysia loses to Thailand (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 9MP - phase out subsidy mentality (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Building new Chinese primary schools - Mahathir cannot be more wrong (versi B. Malaysia)
23/3/2005 Rebranding Malaysia
23/3/2005 Mother-Tongue Education a source of national unity
22/3/2005 Tanah Kerajaan diberikan kepada syarikat yang pengarahnya ADUN Tronoh pada hanya RM2.26 setiap kaki persegi
22/3/2005 Study Draft Interfaith Commission Bill
22/3/2005 Man of principle, steadfast in his ideals and love for justice
22/3/2005 LTAT to take over EPF Investment Panel?
21/3/2005 Projek-projek bermasalah di Melaka
21/3/2005 The return of water cannons
21/3/2005 280 plots of land in Ulu Yam changed hands without knowledge of landowners
21/3/2005 High handed measures by Police to disrupt public gatherings most deplorable
20/3/2005 Wealth Creation And Wealth Distribution Are Just As Important As Democracy And Social Justice
20/3/2005 Strengtening the Partnership of Civil Society and Elected Representatives
19/3/2005 Temerloh Hospital - ascertain the extent of contractual non-compliance
19/3/2005 New Chinese primary schools - announce it in Royal Address on Monday
18/3/2005 Shortage of 420,000 foreign workers: Government never learn from its mistakes
18/3/2005 Make Temerloh Hospital beautiful in all aspects
18/3/2005 Cabinet should not succumb to pressures from water companies
17/3/2005 9MP consultation - will it be more democratic than past 5-yr plans?
16/3/2005 Six-point suggestions for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
16/3/2005 Sg Selangor Dam 20 years down the line
16/3/2005 Police - stay off Malaysian blogosphere
16/3/2005 National/Chinese primary schools - not zero-sum game
15/3/2005 Laporan BPR kelima mengenai salahurus di Melaka
15/3/2005 Memorandum kepada Perdana Menteri berkenaan dengan penambahan Sek. Jen. Keb. di bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke-9
15/3/2005 Temerloh Hospital dangerous to patients?
15/3/2005 Single race parties and divide and rule policies are real disuniting factors, not SJKCs
15/3/2005 Fallacy - Malaysia has two different education systems
14/3/2005 New Temerloh Hospital (PHTSB)
14/3/2005 "Licence to study"
14/3/2005 "Substitution therapy" for drug addicts to arrest the exponential increase of HIV/AIDS cases
14/3/2005 Chinese primary schools - new "sensitive" issue banned from public discussion?
14/3/2005 Bukit Cahaya - Menteri Besar turut bertanggungjawab
13/3/2005 Un-elected local councilors not accountable for their actions and decisions
13/3/2005 Legal & historical perspectives on local government elections
13/3/2005 Kaji semula keberkesanan atau kurangnya pemeliharaan alam sekitar oleh lebih 150 kerajaan tempatan  / Eradicate gazebo culture, Kelana Jaya Park
13/3/2005 Restoration of local government elections can provide a solid foundation for democracy
12/3/2005 Conviction of PKNS is double conviction of Khir Toyo
12/3/2005 Bukit Cahaya scandal/farce - Commission of Inquiry into Selangor MB/PKNS/MBSA
11/3/2005 Who's giving pressure to Pak Lah to return the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park to Selangor?
10/3/2005 Khir Toyo should be ashamed of his defence for the exco bungalows
10/3/2005 Luxurious Mansions: MB fails to convince Malaysian public
9/3/2005 Sack local governments that fail to provide good governance
9/3/2005 Bukit Cahaya incident shows the need for the restoration of local government election
9/3/2005 Police of Kubang Pasu is Urged to Respect Press Freedom
9/3/2005 Time to save the Broga people after saving the Bukit Cahaya agricultural park and Ulu Yam vegetable farms
8/3/2005 Rumah banglo dan kelab untuk ahli exco Selangor - penyalahgunaan wang awam
8/3/2005 9MP - phase out subsidy mentality
8/3/2005 Ulu Yam vegetable farms eviction off: Victory for the farmers
7/3/2005 300,000 drug addicts: Time to replace the Abstinence model
4/3/2005 Heroes for Democracy
4/3/2005 MAS in another trouble thanks to its outdated policy on workers' rights
4/3/2005 Rombak semula kerajaan Selangor
4/3/2005 "If we can be arrested for distributing leaflets, then the police should go right ahead!"
3/3/2005 "TNB not liable" - Keng Yaik Should Resign
2/3/2005 MB Selangor should be accountable for all the bad records under his leadership
1/3/2005 Balloons in KL as dangerous as bombs in Indonesia