Bulletin Archive - May 2005


31/5/2005 Pak Lah and Dr. M finger-pointing on corruption
31/5/2005 Government must stand firm and not give in to Jakim's proposed entertainment guidelines
31/5/2005 Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission Bill to Parliament
30/5/2005 Directing Students to Avoid Anwar Ibrahim-A Dumb and Unethical Move.
30/5/2005 Prime Minster & Cabinet Minister Should Stop misleading the people about price Hikes
30/5/2005 DAP opposes "pay IWK or cut water" clauses in waster bills
30/5/2005 57-page Police Royal Commission Interim Report - make it public
29/5/2005 3 core areas that DAPSY leaders and members must play within the party
28/5/2005 Gomez case - LKS emails Abdullah for intervention
28/5/2005 Abdullah - end 2-year secrecy of Murad Report
27/5/2005 Eradicate Corruption in Local Councils and Restore Direct Election
27/5/2005 The Need For Malaysia To Carry Out Structural Democratic And Economic Reforms
27/5/2005 Call for Royal Commission on Higher Education
26/5/2005 Another Reason for the Third Vote Campaign
26/5/2005 The Royal Police Commission Report- A Platform Of Action And Reform of The Police
26/5/2005 Parliamentary roundtable - "Higher Education in Crisis?"
26/5/2005 Memorandum Meminta YAB Dato' Seri Mengarah MAS Untuk Menghentikan Diskriminasi Terhadap Pramugari MAS
26/5/2005 Mahathir's corruption warning - final wake-up call for Abdullah
26/5/2005 IGP- attend forum to usher new police accountability
25/5/2005 MAS patut tarik balik tuntutan kos terhadap Beatrice dan hentikan diskriminasi terhadap kaum wanita
25/5/2005 Police RC Report - LKS to ask for electronic copy to put on Net
24/5/2005 Live Parliament webcast and Standing Orders reform
23/5/2005 UMNO University - unhealthy higher education development
23/5/2005 SUPP President Tan Sri Dr George Chan should justify that the Modernization of Agriculture Ministry is more important than his former Finance Ministry
23/5/2005 Tan Sri Taib should demand from the Federal Government a larger, fairer and more equal share of Sarawak’s natural resources and earnings
23/5/2005 Parliamentary Caucus on Putrajaya NAM Declaration on Women
22/5/2005 More Forum and Public Roundtable Session on Royal Police Commission's Report to be held By DAP
22/5/2005 Shafie - Higher Education Minister for UMNO or all Malaysians?
22/5/2005 Jemputan Kepada Ketua Polis Negara, turun padang melawat 8 buah Kampung di kawasan Parlimen Batu Gajah, Gopeng dan Kampar bagi isu “saman ekor”
21/5/2005 Government should restore or replace as soon as possible police stations built before 1957
21/5/2005 Menyaran Syarikat MAS Dapat Memberi Layanan yang Adil dan Saksama kepada Kesemua Kakitangannya
21/5/2005 Terence Gomez case - Abdullah should intervene
21/5/2005 IGP's challenge - "zero tolerance for corruption" and not RM34 mil "Cop"
21/5/2005 Wesak Day Message By DAP Secretary-General
21/5/2005 Ipoh-Rawang DT Rail - RM700 million question
20/5/2005 MAS to rectify all gender discrimination clauses
20/5/2005 Government should implement the proposals made by the Royal Commission without delay
20/5/2005 Opposition Leaders' Roundtable Conference on Police Royal Commission Report
20/5/2005 Grand coalition of political and civil society forces
20/5/2005 Implement 125 police recommendations - single-minded national commitment
19/5/2005 Task Force Report on the Implementation of the 125 Recommendations- To be Presented to The Parliament Three Times a Year
19/5/2005 "Police Reforms - Who Guard the Guardians" Parliamentary Opp. Leader Roundtable
19/5/2005 IGP - end police torrent/tyranny of saman ekor in Lawan Kuda
18/5/2005 New national campaign and NGO - IMPLEMENT Police RC Report
18/5/2005 Mewujudkan Polis Diraja Malaysia(PDRM) yang Bermesra dengan Rakyat
18/5/2005 Must Malaysia lose Terence Gomez, after losing Wang Gungwu and Jomo?
18/5/2005 Abdullah should implement 99 of 125 police reform proposals within 12 months
18/5/2005 Hentikan Penyalahgunaan Peraturan Pematuhan
18/5/2005 Memorandum Aduan Tindakan Polis Menjalankan Penguatkuasaan Lalulintas Seperti  “SAMAN EKOR” Di Kampung Baru, Perak
17/5/2005 ACA Must Be Revamped To Be Independent And Answerable Only To Parliament
17/5/2005 Tenaga pengajar tempatan harus diberikan keutamaan
17/5/2005 Ipoh-Rawang double-track to cost RM6 billion and biggest PMC failure?
17/5/2005 Rampant corruption - police bribing police
17/5/2005 Police reform - DAP calls for 3-day special Parliament debate next month
16/5/2005 UM's very unsual way of appreciating Dr. Gomez
16/5/2005 Civilian oversight of police - two Parliamentary agenda next month
15/5/2005 Commuinity Service - suspend all NS prosecutions until law amended
15/5/2005 No ASEAN Chair 2006 for Myanmar - dialogue of ASEAN and EU MPs
15/5/2005 Enact Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission Bill in June
14/5/2005 The Police Must Be Accountable To Parliament
14/5/2005 An EXCO member is a Director of a private company-Negeri Sembilan Mentri Besar to explain.
14/5/2005 Terence Gomez case - Raja Nazrin should give personal attention
14/5/2005 World competitiveness - Malaysia falls 12 points & loses to Thailand
13/5/2005 MCA, Gerakan And SUPP Should Apologise To The Chinese Community
13/5/2005 Ghafar right - Ministers are inaccessible
12/5/2005 Shafie Salleh - retain Terence Gomez (UM) and Mohd Zohadie (UPM)
12/5/2005 Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Should Sue Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
11/5/2005 Hentikan Tindakan Mahkamah Ke Atas Remaja Gagal Hadiri PLKN
11/5/2005 Ipoh-Rawang DT - - Kong Choy's slowest "fast track" in history
11/5/2005 Undang-undang yang perlu dipinda/dikaji semula
11/5/2005 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women : Improve Implementation Capacity
11/5/2005 Convene NAM Ministerial Anti-Corruption Conference
11/5/2005 Take Immediate Action Against Container Hauliers for Implementing the Fuel Adjustment Factor Scheme
10/5/2005 Chinese Associations In Malaysia Can Take The Lead In Enlarging Democracy
10/5/2005 Why Malaysia loses out when the prices of crude oil increases in world market
10/5/2005 Projek Hospital Temerloh Sdn Bhd-obtained Certificate of Practical Completion
10/5/2005 11 banned books - give acceptable reasons or lift the ban
10/5/2005 Abdullah - suspend RM1.1 billion UEM award to complete Ipoh-Rawang double tracking
10/5/2005 Shahrir - give up PAC Chairman post
9/5/2005 RM99 million Parliament renovation scandal - why PAC must investigate
9/5/2005 RM100 million Parliament renovation - Samy Vellu says "not high"
9/5/2005 Subsidies Can Never Be Abolished!
8/5/2005 RM85 million Parliament renovation - even less usable space for MPs
7/5/2005 DAP motion on Abdullah's 20 mths as PM - next Parliament
7/5/2005 Tony Blair’s Historic Third Term In The British General Elections-Should Augur A Return To Renewed Emphasis Of Social Democracy
7/5/2005 "It stinks to high heaven" - RM99 million Parliament renovation
6/5/2005 Pak Lah's 18 months - evaporation of "feel-good" euphoria
6/5/2005 Issues on National Unity
6/5/2005 DAP to hold Nation-wide Protests On Sunday 8 May 2005 Against The Fuel Price Increases
6/5/2005 New powerful reason - recall Parliament for three days
5/5/2005 Oil price increases - Petronas should absorb RM2.2 billion burden of low-income
5/5/2005 Public must have clear guidelines on drink driving rules
5/5/2005 Parliament renovation - 72 hr ultimatum or ACA report
5/5/2005 Abdullah never ordered withdrawal of Myanmar motion in Parliament
4/5/2005 RM25 million missing in Parliament renovation - ACA should investigate
4/5/2005 National Campaign for Freedom of Information Act
4/5/2005 Pupil's Own Religion (POR) for all students in national schools
3/5/2005 Reconsider proposal to suspend indefinitely the licenses of drunk drivers
3/5/2005 Police Royal Commission Report - immediate & full public release
3/5/2005 Diesel shortage crisis - Replace Minister, not use ISA
3/5/2005 RM85 million "leaking" Parliament - Recall Dewan Rakyat
2/5/2005 Penangguhan Pengkelasan Surat oleh Pos Malaysia
2/5/2005 ISA & diesel crisis - cover-up of Policy Failures
2/5/2005 RM80 million "leaking" Parliament scandal - PM sends wrong signal
1/5/2005 ‘Merdeka’ Constitution Driving Force Towards National Unity