Bulletin Archive - Oct 2005

31/10/2005 Shafie - declare stand on UM VC's "no worry" statement
30/10/2005 May Deepavali shine its light to all Malaysians!
30/10/2005 Wishing all Hindus Happy Deepavali
30/10/2005 Hashim Yaacob should resign or be sacked as UM VC
30/10/2005 Religion sensitization for universities, Parliament and policy makers
30/10/2005 Pak Lah- 5 Tasks For You!
29/10/2005 Top 200 universities - Malaya University plunges 80 places while USM drops out completely
29/10/2005 Press Freedom And Freedom Of Information In Malaysia Worsened!
28/10/2005 Ucapan Dalam Perbahasan Peruntukan Kepada Kementerian Kewangan
28/10/2005 PM urged not to allow slackening of Ministerial responsibility to Parliament
28/10/2005 Bank Negara-You Are Answerable For All The Mess!
27/10/2005 Badruddin-Your Word Showed No Respect To The Indian Community!
27/10/2005 "First World Parliament" - six parliamentary committees for new breakthrough
27/10/2005 Increase Electricity Tariffs Is Not The Way!
27/10/2005 Appoint MTUC rep to EPF Investment Panel
27/10/2005 DAP calls for White Paper on RM700 million Bank Islam scandal
26/10/2005 Hentikan layanan Tidak Adil Terhadap Kaum Wanita Beragama Islam! 
26/10/2005 Menyeru supaya Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) memberi tafsiran beberapa surah al-Quran mengenai lafaz azan.
26/10/2005 Black Sheep in Bank Islam & Bank Negara-Must be Identified, Exposed and Punished!
26/10/2005 Ucapan semasa Perbahasan Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2006
26/10/2005 Ucapan Dalam Perbahasan Peringkat Jawatankuasa Jabatan Perdana Menteri
25/10/2005 Rafidah appearance in Parliament - second Cabinet directive
25/10/2005 Best way to remember Endon
25/10/2005 Rafidah-Why Not Take Longer Medical Leave?
24/10/2005 Ucapan Dalam DUN Melaka
Ucapan Dalam Perbahasan    Enakmen Perbekalan Tambahan(No. 1) 2005
Ucapan Semasa Pembentangan Usu
24/10/2005 DAP Selangor Convention Held- 15 Candidates to Lead DAP Selangor
23/10/2005 Principal Demands of the 11 million Malaysian Work Force
23/10/2005 10 Steps To A Prosperous Bangsa Malaysia
22/10/2005 Ali Rustam-Did You Abuse Your Power?
22/10/2005 Bank Negara-Why Waste RM 320 Million Of Public Funds?
22/10/2005 "Queen of squash" Nicol David deserves full government support to reach greater heights
22/10/2005 Suspend all student disciplinary proceedings pending UUCA review
22/10/2005 Kong Choy’s slowest “fast track” double-rail project to nowhere
21/10/2005 Police Reports Lodged By MAS Against Tajudin Ramli- What is The Status Now?
21/10/2005 UUCA review - appoint independent, credible reviewers
20/10/2005 Ali Rustam-Bantuan Kewangan Tabung Kebajikan disalagunakan?
20/10/2005 Datin Seri Endon- You Will Always Be Remembered
19/10/2005 Nazri-Dispute on AP Between Mahathir and Rafidah No Personal Matter!
19/10/2005 Apakah terjadi dengan nasihat konsultan untuk menjadikan jajambat Kepong kalis air?
18/10/2005 Chairman of Inland Revenue Board-No Contract Extension!
16/10/2005 Will Rafidah perform another disappearing act from Parliament tomorrow?
16/10/2005 Corruption arrest of IGP's son - mixed bag of reactions
16/10/2005 Isa should resign immediately as MP
16/10/2005 JKR-take action on the RM 238 million bridge!
15/10/2005 Fighting Corruption-Start From School!
15/10/2005 Parliamentary Service Bill - 1st reading by Oct. 27 and debate on Nov. 14
15/10/2005 Naza Kia national cair - Rafidah should explain how Mahathir was "taken for a ride"
14/10/2005 Parliament Head of Administration - post unconstitutional and breach of  privileges
14/10/2005 Why Local Councilors Cannot Be Sacked?
14/10/2005 MCA- what Is Your position On 2-4-3 Formula?
13/10/2005 Ucapan Oleh YB Teresa Kok-Pembangunan Infrastruktur Mesti Mengambil Kira Impak Sosial
13/10/2005 Lend your ear to members of Malaysian Parliament
13/10/2005 Speech on Budget 2006-Chong Chieng Jen
13/10/2005 Ucapan Bajet 2006- Chong Eng
13/10/2005 Parliament "troika of unequals" - Nazri overlord
13/10/2005 Wa!FM – Menuntut penjelasan daripada Effendi Norwawi
13/10/2005 Wa!FM – Call on Effendi Norwawi to explain
12/10/2005 A Budget for Whom and For What?
12/10/2005 Bank Islam’s RM 456 Million In Losses- Revamp and shake-up Bank Islam!
12/10/2005 Minister for “First-World” Parliament - not Minister for Parliament toilets and canteen
11/10/2005 Isa's Cabinet resignation farce - Pak Lah's leadership paralysis
9/10/2005 Parliament - send wheelchair to Rafidah to reply to MPs on AP scandal
9/10/2005 Parliament being turned into govt. dept. like ACA
08/9/2005 Mohd Ali Rustam-Melaka Menyertai Liga Negeri-negeri Bankrap Pada 2004!
8/10/2005 Gravest Parliamentary Crisis in nation's history
8/10/2005 Revamp local government must be top national agenda
8/10/2005 Why Isa Samad not resigning immediately as FT Minister?
7/10/2005 MCA Youth-Show Action, No More Plain Talk in UUCA!
7/10/2005 Create Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs but not Department of Parliament
7/10/2005 Shahrir pining to return to Cabinet - don't mortgage parliamentary credibility
6/10/2005 Show Great Foresight in Malaysian Economy
6/10/2005 Menteri Besar-Who Got The Land, Timber Concession or Contract?
6/10/2005 The Chinese Primary Schools Are Over-Crowded!
6/10/2005 I'll not tell Rafidah to jump from Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC
5/10/2005 Re-open millions of shares corruption case involving Rafidah and son-in-law
4/10/2005 PM-Apa Salah Menyokong Usul Ketua Pembangkang?
4/10/2005 Elect Local Councils- That is The Only Way!
4/10/2005 Restore the Local Government Election
3/10/2005 Budget 2006(3) - Broadband for all in Malaysia
3/10/2005 Budget 2006(2) - DAP's 10 proposals
3/10/2005 Budget 2006(1) - weak, feeble, aimless
2/10/2005 The hand that gives to biotechnology, gathers
2/10/2005 DAPSY Condemns Terrorist Attacks
2/10/2005 DAP's Response to 2006 Budget
1/10/2005 LKS provides Rafidah no-holds-barred APs accountability session Monday Parliament